Magnetic Prewriting

Magnetic Prewriting

Inside: Preschool prewriting activity that will help your preschooler start writing letters and letter formations

Does anyone have a set of magnets? 

How about a reluctant writer? 

Here, all you need is a magnetic board, dishwasher, refrigerator, or cookie sheet. (most are magnetic)

Time to take out the magnets and begin practicing different letter formations. Writing is a powerful tool and we need to show our preschoolers various ways to form letters. 

preschool prewriting

Did you know that drawing and scribbling is the first stage of writing? 

That's right! Letters and letter-like forms come next in stage two.  

You can practice stage two now with this prewriting activity! 

And If you like to move, you can also practice this Prewriting with Movement Activity. 

Prewriting with movement is my go-to for reluctant writers. 

  • It is less intimidating than pen and paper. 
  • It involves movement that will strengthen small hand muscles. 
  • It begins to explore the straight and curved lines that are in found in letters. 

There is a lot about letters we may not think about but is SUPER important to discuss with our children. 

Does the letter: 

  • Have a stick?
  • Tail?
  • Dot?
  • Slant?
  • Circle? 
  • Curve? 
  • Tunnel?
  • Cross?

You can add these terms into your "mom vocabulary" and use them at casual times. 

"Hey, come to see my license plate! I notice it has a capital M. I notice a slant! Let's move our finger up and down to form the letter."

preschool prewriting

Simply Set Up This Activity:

  • Add masking tape to your magnetic board. 
  • Pick a letter or line formation that you would like your preschooler to practice.
  • Add a parking lot to the upper right-hand corner. 
  • Draw lines on your tape to mimic a road. 

Don't Have a Transportation Fan? 

  • Animal magnets walking to the zoo or field. 
  • Fish magnets swim into the ocean.
  • Fruit magnets into the fruit basket. 


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preschool prewriting

Allow your preschooler to park the cars after driving the letter formation! (or any of the ideas listed above)

See how my reluctant writer "wrote" W 12 times! 

Actually, both of my preschoolers (age 4 and 2.5) LOVED this activity. 

Remember, you can also set this preschool prewriting game up on a baking sheet. 

WHY Is This Activity Important?

By Kindergarten, children will be asked to print many upper- and lowercase letters. You can begin to touch on this now with your preschooler. 

Want More Activities JUST LIKE This? 

You can find even more simple to set-up activities that you can keep at your fingertips on our Alphabet Activity Cards. 

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