11+ Ways to Practice Name Recognition with your Preschooler

11+ Ways to Practice Name Recognition with your Preschooler

Inside: Name activities and games for preschoolers. Name recognition games that can be used for your next Breakfast Invitation.

Name activities are currently our jam.

Especially for Breakfast Invitations! (wait, what? Start here.)

Slow and steady you will always see progress when your preschooler shows interest

Find your name. 

Match your name.

Where is your name? 

Find the letters in your name.

Identify the letters in your name.

There are so many fun and simple ways you can break down the letters of your preschooler’s name for them to learn.

And I am here to share some of our favorite ways here!

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name activities for preschool

Why is name recognition important?

By Kindergarten, children learning under the Common Core will begin to be asked to recognize that spoken words are represented in written language by specific sequences of letters.

Children will also begin to be asked to recognize and name all upper- and lowercase letters of the alphabet.

preschool name activities

Let's get started with this simple name recognition activity you see above.

  • Tape down a large piece of paper.

  • Write different family names throughout the paper.

  • Write the same names on notecards or here I used sentence strips (listed below).


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How to play this name game:

  • Allow your preschooler to shuffle through the basket of names to find their match. 

  • Once this is mastered, try adding other family member names.

  • Begin to talk about how different names are similar and how they are different. Pay close attention to the beginning letters and the last letters of each name.

  • VARIATION: Post the names throughout the house to search and find before placing on the large paper roll.

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name activities for preschoolers

Want More Preschool Name Activities?

Of course, you do! 

Here are my favorite name activities for preschoolers:

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10+ best name games for preschoolers

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