A Simple Counting Game

A Simple Counting Game

Inside: A preschool number and counting game on the magnet board

Grab your masking tape.

This math counting activity can be set up in minutes and played for days. 

Preschoolers LOVE mazes, and I am going to show you how to set one up that you can reuse over and over again. 

preschool math counting game

This matching number activity combines two things preschoolers love. 

Mazes and Movement. 

The idea behind the HOW TO PLAY is easy. SImply match and move the letter to the corresponding number. 

But Wait! 

There is SO MUCH MORE to this activity. 

Did You Know?

By Kindergarten, children will be asked to understand the relationship between numbers and quantities; connect counting to cardinality. 

Your preschooler is ready for this! Practice it now with this number and counting game. 

Have an older preschooler? They will love this Roll & Tally Game from Busy Toddler.

preschool number and counting game

Don't let the zig zags scare you! 

I have a trick to making mazes. 

The key is to do ONE line at a time. Left to right, drop in your number and straws, then move on to the next line. 

When you create ONE zig zag at a time, you have the ability to watch your maze come together more strategically. 

Don't have a magnet board?

Of course, you don't. I get that!

But did you know that magnetic cookie sheets work just as well? You can also use the table top. Again, just add your masking tape ONE line at a time. 

Remember, if you do have a verticle space, they are building those muscles to help improve gross motor skills. 

preschool counting and number game

Your THREE Materials:

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*Numbers are not the same as the ones we used (I tried) but here is something similar.

Once all of the numbers have moved over to the right count the straws. 

preschool number and counting game

You can continue using this same maze with different magnetic matches! 

  • Upper case to lower case
  • Matching similar colors
  • Matching transportation magnets (air transportation, land, and water)

How do I keep track of what I review with my preschooler? 

This printable can help you keep track!  

You may also love our Alphabet Activity Cards that help minimize your Pinterest and Google searches! 

counting game for 3-year-olds










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