50+ Free Ideas for Your Preschooler

50+ Free Ideas for Your Preschooler

Inside: 50+ Free Preschool Activities

Looking for ways to spend less, and enjoy more time with your preschooler? You've come to the right place! 

Spending time with your preschooler does not have to deplete your bank account. 

In fact, as a stay at home mom, I eagerly seek out ways we can get out of the house, without spending a lot.  We NEED to get out of the house every day, but I cannot continue opening my wallet. 

With the help of some fellow Instagram followers, here are 50+ ways you can spend time with your preschooler without spending money. 

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free preschool activities

Fun and Free Preschool Activities


Pretend Camping with Forts and Firepit (kraft paper and blankets)

Playing Restaurant 

Pretend Movie Theatre 

Reverse Rolls - preschooler becomes the parent, the parent becomes the preschooler, OR preschooler becomes the Dr., the parent becomes the patient, etc. 

Changing Seasons Fashion Show - Mom Hack: preschooler is showing mom what still fits and they think it is a fashion show

Indoor Picnic

Make a Fort

Cookie Sheet Painting - Happily Ever Mom 

Tea Parties 

Freeze Dance 

Dump the Pom Poms - Play a matching game

Box Forts

Toy Maze using cars, blocks, Duplos, puzzle pieces, etc. 

Flashlight Games 

Color Sorting

Popsicle Bath - Busy Toddler

Indoor Obstacle Courses with furniture 

Draw Under the Table on Large Kraft Paper

Blanket Forts for Reading with Flashlight

Use Bottle Caps for size exploration

Play Birthday Party - Allow your preschooler to wrap gifts (toys) in tissue paper and you guess what is inside

Make "Decorations" for the upcoming holiday

Make a measurement game with your blocks

Painting Rocks - then hiding in the house to find 

Cutting Stations 

free preschool activities


Visit Home Depot to Play with PVC Piping (Just put back in the correct bin)

Read books at Barnes and Noble

Go on a number/color hunt

Hammer the Chalk - Break up your small pieces of chalk and use a wooden hammer on black paper to make a colorful piece of art

Collect Flowers - Use in your next sensory bin

Explore the Target Toy Aisle - If they touch enough toys, they may leave empty handed! 

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Nature Color Hunt

Grab a Camera and Walk out the Door - take pictures of what you find

Tricycle Wash

Shaving Cream Play 

Smashing Ice Cubes - Busy Toddler 

Use Chalk to Color Bricks 

Ice Painting - Busy Toddler

Outdoor Picnic

Library - Look to see if there is a toddler time 

Visit dad at work

Chalk Mazes

Squirt Colored Water Outside

Google a New Park 

Balance Practice 

Find Somewhere that has a Map and Use it as You Walk 

Measure Hunt - Take the tape measure outside to measure what you find

Cut the Grass with Scissors 

Wash the Windows 

Go to Your Local Nursery or Tree Farm to Walk Around

Bring a Basket Outside to Search for Things that Roll 

Play with The Toy Cars at CVS

Wash Toys in A Soapy Water Bin 

Go for a Walk

Collect Rocks 

Outdoor Painting

Tape Jumping 

Pack Bikes in The Car - Find a New Path to Ride on

free preschool activities

Need ideas for ages 3-12 months! You will love Happily Ever After's Roundup Here. 

Which free preschool activity will you try today?








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