Breakfast Invitation to Begin Counting

Breakfast Invitation to Begin Counting

Inside: A fun prewriting Breakfast Invitation; preschool counting for fall

Something interesting has happened since my oldest started preschool.

What happened, is that my middle guy (three-years-old) has come out of his shell and is beginning to take risks with his learning at home.

You see, my 4.5-year-old means EVERYTHING to my three-year-old. According to him, he’s the coolest, smartest best friend a brother can have.

But something happens when the two of them are learning together.

My oldest takes the lead and my middle guy follows along not ready to take chances with his learning. He doesn’t want to get it wrong in front of his biggest idol.

So where multi-age learning is important, it is also important for me to check in with my three-year-old and create simple set-ups that we can do together to reinforce some basic skills for Kindergarten Readiness.

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I knew I wanted to help my three-year-old gain a better understanding of number sense.

What I mean by this is that I wanted my preschooler to really understand the number 6.

Sure, it looks like a 6, and he can count to 6, but what does a group of SIX actually look like?

Can you touch a group of SIX?

Does a group of SIX look the same when you put the dot in a different order?

How can you make a group of SIX?

preschool counting game for kindergarten readiness

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Simple Set Up:

I created this ghost counting game super fast. See these ghosts? They could also pass for squids. But no worries. My three-year-old dove right in.

  • Lay out white paper roll.

  • Draw 6 ghosts.

  • Draw dots in the middle of your dot stickers to make eyes.

  • Add yard dice to determine how many eyes go on each ghost.

How to Play:

  • Roll the die.

  • Add that amount of eyes to your ghost.

  • Write the number rolled next to the ghost.

  • Touch and count the eyes to double check the numbers are the same.

preschool counting game for kindergarten readiness

How did I know this counting game was effective?

Later that night, my three-year-old was playing in the tub. I watched him toss up his bath toy as if it were a dice and he would call out the “number” it landed on. Then he would fill his bowl with that much water.

This taught me that everything we intentionally do with our children lends itself into their independent play.

You interacting with your preschooler and sharing ideas is so valuable.

Never forget that you ARE making a difference.

Ghost Eyes makes a great Breakfast Invitation or a fun game to sit one on one and play with your preschooler. Take turns playing. It’s lots of fun!

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