A Simple Way for your Preschooler to Learn Sight Words

A Simple Way for your Preschooler to Learn Sight Words

Inside: preschool sight word list and activities for teachers and parents

Have you heard the term sight words?

How about high-frequency words? 

Sometimes, terms can sound so intimidating.

This is how I feel when someone tells me to use SEO keywords for Days with Grey. 




Where I cannot help you with SEO, I can help you how to use sight words at home with your preschoolers in a way that is easy to do using the supplies you may already have at home. 

SIGHT WORDS are words that your preschooler will memorize so that they can spend more time sounding out the other words they read.

Simply stated, your preschooler is memorizing words to help them gain confidence and become a better reader. 


I suggest starting to introduce sight words around 4 years old. 

Treat learning sight words like potty training.

If your preschooler is not interested, drop it. When they are ready, it will be obvious. 


The initial set up may seem like too much work. - It's not and totally worth your time. 

Involve your preschooler in the sight word wall setup. 

The more your preschooler is involved, the more meaning everything will have to them.

Preschool Sight Word Set Up:


  • Find a location in your home to label A-Z. 
  • As your preschooler learns new sight words, they will be placed under the appropriate letter. 

Visual Variations:

I used one section of our wall. Just remember to keep enough space to add words underneath each letter.

If you DO have an entire wall, a long horizontal line is best.


If the letters are jumbled, the learning will be as well.

preschool sight word list

I hear you reading this. 

You are probably thinking you don't have the space or time to create this. 

Allow me to offer you a couple solutions:

No Space?

Start with a Simple Poster. 

preschool sight words

No Commitment? 

Use your tabletop or floor. 

preschool sight word list
preschool sight word list

Want to Make it Cute?

Here is one example from The Preschool Toolbox how you can set up your letters in a more creative way:

NOTICE: the letters are clearly written, and listed horizontally. This will keep the learning organized.  

Where to Start:

Introduce only ONE sight word each week. 

We will begin with your preschooler's name, and slowly add more to the wall.

ALWAYS add the sight words WITH your preschooler. This will help them become more invested

  • All week you will point back to the word wall when it is a "good time". Don't force it.
  • Use your sight word in a sentance. 
  • All week you will point out the sight words learned when you see them in environmental print.
  • All week you will point out the words learned you see in books. 

Want to plan ahead and write all the words on a notecard?

Here is a sneak peek into the first 10 words we will be learning. 

Take it slow. This may seem boring, but it is important to your preschooler to not become overwhelmed. 

preschool sight word list

Follow along Instagram Stories to learn more each week on what letter we are using and inside tips. 

Also, EMAIL or Message me with questions or comments. I am happy to help simplify this for you. 

Do This Right Now:

  • Find an area in your home, or poster, to write the letters A-Z.
  • Remeber, you can also make this more portable and write the letters on construction paper. I recommend assembling the alphabet with your preschooler and leaving in a place that your preschooler can come revisit their preschool sight word list. 
  • Write the letters clearly. - no fancy print
  • Leave spaces under each letter to slowly add words. 
preschool sight word list
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