Color Words Drive Up

Color Words Drive Up

Inside: Hands on color game for five-year-olds and preschoolers.

It’s a preschooler’s dream color game activity!

Hot Wheels and bright colors make an excellent combo for learning.

In fact, my five year old ATE THIS ONE UP, and the younger guys eagerly followed along.

My five-year-old is in a young fives class and I knew they have been learning color words. Since I haven’t done much reading with him at home, I was interested to see what he was retaining. Sure, I have a Masters in Reading, but I wanted this year to be a year of discovery at home as he received phonic instruction at school.

Come to find out, my five-year-old has nailed color words and this Breakfast Invitation was such a fun one to play with all my boys. See how I added variety for my three-year-old and one-year-old below.

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Is teaching color words important?

The big answer is yes. Color words are also known as sight words. Sight words are words your child learns and memorizes in order to read them. The reason these are important is because it allows your child to move along as they read.

Sight words allow your child to focus on the newer words that need d to be sounded out .

But there is a catch!

You absolutely do not want to focus solely on sight words.

Sight words can be fun to teach, but again, are based solely on memorization.

School aged children need to have a solid phonics foundation when learning how to read.

This will be an extremely valuable tool to have as children continue to read longer and more complex text. Take the time to better understand your school’s program and how they are teaching phonics in the classroom.

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activities for five year olds

Let’s get this color activity set up!

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One of my favorite things to do with my three-year-old is to go and pick out new Hot Wheels.

They sell the cards for a dollar at our grocery store and my three-year-old notices each and every detail. The color, how the wheels spin, and he will know exactly what he is looking for. (Even when that takes 10+ minutes) He is completely invested in any activity that involves Hot Wheels, and his five-year-old brother is the same.

So I got to work. Here’s what you’ll need:

I used sentence strips as listed above, and you can also use a long strip from your white paper roll.

Setup this color activity in a flash:

Remember! You can set this up in less than five minutes the night before to make an excellent Breakfast Invitation!

  • Tape down a long line of painter’s tape. This is your “road”.

  • Add masking tape (or painter’s tape) for roads leading into each parking space.

  • Look at your Hot Wheels and see which colors you have.

  • Label your sentence strip with the colors in your collection.

  • MODIFICATION: Write the color words using a colored marker. This will highlight which color needs to be parked so younger children can focus on sorting by color.

Since you set this up the night before, your preschoolers are invited to come play upon waking, or at a time you need a break. Use this hands on color activity when you need a minute to breathe and also want to watch your child learn through play.

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This hands on color activity is sure to be a hit!

When will you get started?

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Which color activity for preschoolers will you set up first?

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