What's in Our Outdoor Bucket?

What's in Our Outdoor Bucket?

Inside: An outdoor activity supply list for creating an outdoor area for kids. 

Ready to power up your outdoor play area?

This does not mean you have an enormous fenced in backyard with 3 swings, monkey bars, and a slide. 

What this means is that you have 5-10 items you store in a container to keep on the fly for pouring, mixing, and transporting.  These items can be used on the back porch, or driveway. It is an "anything goes" type of bin which is incredible for child development. 

Does your child like potions? We've got the tools for that too. 

Come step inside our Outdoor Area Supply Bucket!

You will be geared up until the first snowfall! 

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outdoor activity supplies for outdoor play area for kids

Build momentum.

Every day, at 4 o'clock, you can find us outside playing in some sort of quick and easy sensory bin.

Occasionally we will drop ice into our favorite 41-quart storage bin, and others we will see what we can do with our almost expired bag of beans. 

Outside play for kids that we've also done: 

Water Beads

Neon Squirt

Button Water Play

Paint the Ice

Bear Soup

Strawberry Sensory Bin for Babies

Lemon Play

Flower Senses

Honestly, the list goes on and on.

What remains consistent is the TOOLS and SUPPLIES my preschooler and toddler are using in conjunction with these fun activities listed above.

Okay, okay I hear you.


Don't worry. I’ve got you. 

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outdoor supplies for outdoor play area for kids

What is Inside this Outdoor Storage Bin:

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The Basics:

Containers to Transport and Mix: 

 Supplies to Squirt Water: 


I bet now you are wondering:

Where do you keep this storage bin filled with outdoor supplies and goodies?

Once everyone is finished playing outside, we typically line everything up for the sun to dry it out. After dinner, we place our supplies back into the outdoor container and tuck it away.

This outdoor storage bin is one of my top 5 things we own for playtime. We use it multiple times per day. 

outdoor supplies for outdoor play area for kids

Which outdoor supplies will you add first? 

outdoor play area for kids
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