Splash the Alphabet

Splash the Alphabet

Inside: Alphabet activity for preschoolers. This game is perfect for outside this summer! 

Ever wonder how to entertain your preschoolers over summer vacation? 

How about being able to sit outside and drink your coffee as they work on something that will help them review the alphabet? 

I am all for being able to do both. 

Kids and water is the same combination as moms and coffee. Both are #winning. 

SO Let's Get Started! 

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Alphabet Activities for preschool

Why Begin to Discuss the Alphabet with your Preschooler?

By Kindergarten, children will also be asked to recognize (and print) upper- and lower case letters. 

You can begin to introduce this now starting with your two-year-old, and continuing to practice with your older children. Splash the Alphabet never gets old. 

And guess what?

If your preschooler is uninterested, you can put it away. Preschool is about exposure.

Talk about the alphabet when your preschooler is willing. Learning right now (actually always) should be FUN! 

This alphabet activity is also wonderful because it is set on a vertical surface. Vertical surfaces require strength from different muscles that also need to be strong for future skills and development.  You will also love this vertical surface alphabet painting activity from Busy Toddler.

The squeezing of the squirt bottle is important for fine motor practice. This will help with pencil grip and scissor skills.

alphabet activities for preschoolers

Get set up in a FLASH! 

See my almost three-year-old and four-year-old here? Both are at different places with learning the alphabet. Yet BOTH require the same set up materials! 

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  • Put about 3 drops of paint into each squirt bottle.

  • Fill the rest of the squirt bottle with water.

  • Lay out a large piece of paper and write the alphabet. You can add the alphabet in order or randomly throughout the paper.

  • Gather alphabet letters. You may write them on construction paper like I did here, or you may use letter tiles or magnets that you already own.

alphabet game for preschoolers

Once you are set up, you can take a seat and sip on that coffee. 

  • Pass one letter at a time to your preschooler.

  • When your preschoolers get the letter, they squirt the letter they are looking for.

  • Once the letter is found, your preschoolers will return the letter and exchange it for a new one.

The language you can use at home:

  • "I notice the Bb has a curved line and a straight line! Show me where it curves."

  • "This is an uppercase E, and this is the lowercase e. Let's look at how they have a different look. Can you find the same letter on your paper?"

  • "You're right! That is the letter H. (make the sound) H is the same sound you hear for Hayes." - Do the same with your child's name.

Using the squirt bottle made learning and reviewing the alphabet fun for both of my boys. Keep this idea close for the next time the sun is out, and you are in need of a great alphabet activity. 

This Alphabet Activity also pairs well with our Alphabet Activity Cards! 

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