Apple Preschool Activity

Apple Preschool Activity

Inside: Apple preschool activity to help classify apples by color and glue them on the matching apple. This makes a super fun Breakfast Invitation for fall!

It’s apple week at my son’s preschool and boy is he loving it!

Mom! Today I tasted a YELLOW apple! It was soooo good. I didn’t like the green one though…it was too sour.

Apple preschool activities have been such a hit that I wanted to carry the apple theme right on into our next Breakfast Invitation.

Think about it. Apples can be sorted, graphed, explored and tasted.

What’s not to love about that?!

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apple preschool

Make the home school connection.

One valuable thing you can do for your children is take what they are learning at school, and keep it very hands-on at home. It is as if you are taking the apple preschool activity and showing your child that you are invested in what he is learning.

Keeping the apple preschool activity hands-on also helps keep the content learned more meaningful.

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apple preschool

Preschoolers, apples, and glue are a winning combination.

I knew my four-year-old would be full on invested in this apple sorting and gluing activity. I mean…who doesn’t love to use a glue stick at 7am?!

Since my preschooler now attends half day preschool, I knew that the teachers would want him to have experience with using a glue stick. So at home, we get to practice exploring how to hold it and just how much glue is needed to help the pom poms stick

Are you working with your child on holding a glue stick? Try saying this:

Just a little dab of glue will do!

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apple preschool activity

Let’s set up this preschool apple activity!

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The night before showing my four-year-old this apple activity, I set this up on the kitchen table.


I call these Breakfast Invitations; simple solutions to wake up, make breakfast as kids are invited to learn through play.

  • tape down your white paper roll

  • draw a red apple, green apple, and yellow apple - use GOOGLE images to help get you started if you need a quick visual

  • place red, green, and yellow pompoms to the left of your paper

  • place a glue stick on your white paper roll

When your preschoolers comes to breakfast in the morning, invite him to match and glue the “apples” onto the larger apple.


Supplies used:

Here’s what my four-year-old is learning:

  • hand-eye coordination

  • holding a glue stick - which will lead to more efficient pencil grip READ MORE ABOUT PENCIL GRIP HERE.

  • gluing

  • classification by color

  • making a home school connection

  • fine motor

  • conversation starters about why apples are different colors and the differences he remembers in the way apples taste

Go ahead! Set this apple Breakfast Invitation up for tomorrow!

apple preschool activity


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