You will Love this New Bedtime Routine Idea

You will Love this New Bedtime Routine Idea

This is a sponsored post by Highlights. I am compensated for this post and have received product free of charge, but all thoughts and opinions are 100% mine. I take the time to work with brands I love to offer you my top suggestions.

My 4.5 year old was a reluctant writer.

So I took a step back.

I knew my preschooler would write when he was ready.

I also knew that I could begin to teach him letter formations and important prewriting skills using using magnets, going outside, and using highlighters. I didn’t push the pen and paper and you don’t have to either.

You know the saying, "Your preschooler won’t go to college in diapers?

Allow this to apply with learning.

Slow and steady, keeping in mind that preschool is not a race. Your job as the parent or educator is to integrate smart opportunities to play and learn which will act as building blocks to the final goal.

Your child will use the potty and your child will also learn to write.

I challenge you to take a look around your home. Which tools do you have to promote learning? Which tools can you add to your collection to enrich learning?

Bedtime Routine for Kids Using Highlights

Highlights shared their Write-On, Wipe-Off Boards with us shortly after my 4.5-year-old began preschool.

This was perfect timing!

For one, who can resist a dry erase marker? I certainly cannot!

Secondly, these wipe off books have a thought out approach to integrating writing along with building comprehension and language development. Be still my teacher heart!

We added Highlights Write-On, Write-Off Books to our bedtime routine and love the conversation it has created.

The key to using activity books is to do them with your child, rather than handing over the pen and sending them off.

You want to build comprehension with conversation.

bedtime routine for kids using Highlights

Not only is my preschooler now eager to trace the letters and numbers above each page, but it has unlocked some creative story telling about the silly pictures.

We use our Highlights Write-On, Wipe-Off Books every night together as our new bedtime routine.

We take turns finding objects and creating silly stories about the pictures with my three-year-old.

bedtime routine for kids with Highlights.jpg

We live in a FAST PACED world!

When I was a classroom teacher, it was SO DIFFICULT to get children to slow down and pay attention to details. Here, Highlights is suggesting children take the time to search and seek out details that they could have glanced over.

Remember Highlights Hidden Pictures from your childhood?

Now your children get the chance to circle (fine motor and muscle control) as well as build language development and attention to small details as they search the photos.

Such a brilliant combo that I also integrate into our Breakfast Invitations.

Searching for details appears in many forms on the Write-On, Wipe-Off Boards:

  • Silly Pictures - Finding what doesn’t belong, paying attention to the context and main idea of the image.

  • What’s Different? - Comparing two images that are alike with subtle differences.

  • Hidden Pictures - Finding hidden objects amongst the big picture.

  • Mazes for prewriting lines

  • Number Games - Uses important key terms such as groups of, pairs, more, and open ended questions such as “What else?”.

  • ABC Games - Focusing on matching alike objects, sequence of events, finding details that are different than the rest.

As an educator and a mom, I can tell that Highlights took the time to truly understand preschool and Kindergarten benchmarks when creating these Write-On Wipe-Off Books.

Below are Amazon affiliate links to the Write-On, Wipe-Of Books that we use:

So where this is a sponsored post by Highlights, it will not just end up lost in the closet.

Other ways to use Highlights Write-On, Wipe-Off Books:

  • To outsource Breakfast Invitations. - These are perfect for Friday Mornings!

  • Long Road Trips

  • Restaurants

  • Airplanes

  • Overnight trips to grandparents - They too will remember and love Highlights Hidden Pictures from their childhood.

  • Potty Training

You will love these Write-On, Wipe-Off Books by Highlights.

Add these books to your bedtime routine for a change of pace that focuses on story elements, comprehension and detail.

bedtime routine for kids

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