Block Play for Your Next Breakfast Invitation

Block Play for Your Next Breakfast Invitation

Inside: Block play for your next Breakfast Invitation

Want to encourage block play?

I did!

We have these glorious wooden blocks that needed some love.

Sometimes, all it takes is a simple Breakfast Invitation to remind kids of an old toy that can inspire play. The supplies are simple and the creativity rolled right into independent play. - The ultimate goal!

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block play

My four-year-old has been telling us that he built our home.

Now, as funny as this sounds, he is our creative soul. He is a dreamer, and works really well with his hands. So it doesn’t come as any surprise that he likes to dream up this accomplishment.

In fact, it has been entertaining to pose open-ended questions that expand this tall tale:

You must have worked really hard building this home for us. What kinds of tools did you have to use?

I love the paint color you chose. How were you able to paint up here near the roof?

Now of course, I am sure my four-year-old is on to us.

I am certain he knows we are playing along with his imagination. However, asking him more questions allows his critical thinking to expand. Asking him questions allows us to build trust. It tells him, I hear you. I want to learn more.

block play

Block play encourages creativity.

Block play encourages math skills.

Block play encourages problem solving.

For this Breakfast Invitations, the task was simple.

Can you build a house using the supplies you have in front of you?

For this task, my four-year-old was asked to design his block house using the wooden blocks that were placed in front of him.

The blocks had different sizes and shapes and I was curious how he would put them all together to create his “next” home.

No wooden blocks? No worries! You can also use the foam blocks we shared for sensory block play!

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block play

Setting up this block play Breakfast Invitation was simple!

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To begin, I taped down a large piece of white paper onto the table. I used the white paper roll to create a border around his block play. You could also create a border using painter’s tape.

  • I sorted the wooden block by type and placed them to the side of the paper.

  • I formed one square using four blocks as an invitation to begin.

  • When my preschooler came down for breakfast, I simply prompted him with, Can you build a house? - and he was off!

Keep in mind, this Breakfast Invitation can be done dozens of times! Each play will have a very different outcome. That is the joy of open-ended toys. There is simply no right or wrong way to begin!

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block play


Below, I linked three of our favorite blocks to use for block play. Remember, all I did was place the blocks in an easy to get to location and prompted with one simple question. The rest was up to my preschooler!

Wooden blocks:

Foam blocks:

Block play is always a win!

When will you try this invitations?

block play

Favorite books to inspire creativity:

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