Your Breakfast Invitations Questions Are Answered!

Your Breakfast Invitations Questions Are Answered!

Inside: Preparing your kids for Kindergarten through play while you get a hot cup of coffee.

Breakfast Invitations began with a problem.

I am a mom of three little boys five and under.

Mornings were not my favorite and I felt overwhelmed by cranky kids watching morning television. TV seemed to zap their imagination for anything that followed.

Truth is, I just wanted to wake up being able to drink my tea HOT, and have children that were able to use their imagination and play.

So I dug deep into my teacher brain and found a solution.

We all crave balance between being able to take on parenthood, and enjoy the days that come with that tall order.

With Breakfast Invitations, we had finally made a transformation!


Breakfast Invitations.

Simple set-ups that allow your child to work on low prep activities as you begin your day. 

Breakfast Invitations are designed for multi-age families and work well with siblings to align with concepts to come in Kindergarten.

The Breakfast Invitation Startup Guide shows you how to restructure your day to help everyone feel more settled in their daily routine and increase independent playtime.

Simply put, Breakfast Invitations help set the stage for the day you are craving.

Breakfast Invitations

So, what should my child know before Kindergarten?  

How can we help prepare our children for their first big Kindergarten milestone? 

A child’s job right now is to play.

And play can take many forms:

  • Imaginary play to retell stories and life events.

  • Constructive play to build and explore objects.

  • Games with rules to understand winning and losing.

  • Rough and tumble play to better understand limits.

As parents, we can set up simple, yet effective, invitations that develop social, physical, cognitive, and language development in all of these categories of play.

Let’s get started with Breakfast Invitations.


Tell me more!

I asked YOU on Instagram Stories to let me know what you wanted to know.

Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions from YOU about Breakfast Invitations.

Do your kids have a favorite Breakfast Invitation?

They have a couple! In particular, Sticker Shirt Design, Bring Home the Bears, and Domino Number Match are on repeat with slight variations each time.

How young were your kids when you started Breakfast Invitations?

After my second child was born, I had a problem. We either started the day with endless amounts of TV, which set a cranky tone for the day, or I had a million requests before I took a sip of my hot tea.

It wasn't working. 

We began Breakfast Invitations when my oldest was newly two.

When starting, begin with color sorting and shape recognition Breakfast Invitations.

You also want to stay flexible and allow your toddler to take learning into their own hands.

Start with concepts they have already mastered to help your child become invested with this new change of routine.

Try stay consistant M-F with your Breakfast Invitations by having them set up the same time of day.

Some families use Breakfast Invitations as post nap invitations or preparing dinner invitations. However you chose to use them, again, try to remain consistant on when they are invited to participate.

Could you list your most frequently used supplies?

You can see the entire supply list here.

You will see a list for the Startup Guide, along with a list for the Breakfast Invitation Cards.

Keep in mind that you do not need to go buy out Amazon.

Start small. The Breakfast Invitation Cards offer variations so you can get a couple new supplies to begin, and use what you have for the rest.


What do you do when your child is uninterested?

Don’t sweat it. Seriously. Some ideas are better than others, and kids are people too!

What I have found is a total fail may be a complete hit when try it again on a different day.

  • Keep Breakfast Invitations out for the day. Allow children to return at a later time.

  • As long as the television stays off, allow flexibility in what your child is working on. We have some mornings that the Breakfast Invitation begins after free play.

  • Use the Breakfast Invitation Cards to help guide conversation. Each card has some key vocabulary to casually mention as your child takes the lead.

Are you planning to homeschool?

This is a personal decision and every family will do what they feel is best.

I am sending all of my boys to preschool at four-years-old and they will then move into a Kindergarten classroom when it’s time.

As a classroom teacher myself, I have seen the benefits of learning from different personalities. I know my boys will connect with some teachers more than others, but it will also help them gain perspective on how to listen to authority (even when they may not agree) and work in a larger group setting.

As a child, I loved school and meeting up with my friends. So far, my four-year-old is loving school and making new friends at his new preschool.

How do you fit it in before school? What is your morning routine?

Our morning routine is super simple.

  1. Night prior set up Breakfast Invitation in less than 5 minutes.

  2. Morning of, they begin as I prepare breakfast and make my tea.

  3. Children continue to explore their Breakfast Invitation as they eat. At this time it may have gone in a different direction. My role is to listen and take note on how they think and learn.

What’s your background?

I am a mom of three with 13+ years experience in elementary education. I have a Masters Degree in Teaching Reading along with an add on certificate for teaching gifted.

Where do you store everything? Do the boys get into it?

The boys get into most of it. And I do that intentionally.

I want them to use the same materials on their own terms.

You can see my favorite ways to store supplies here.

Here is how we store our outdoor supplies.


How do you get your kiddos interested?

I keep consistant.

We have Breakfast Invitations set up Monday-Friday. On the weekends, they can decide how to start off the morning. This gives us all a break and excited for Monday to hit restart.

My kids know what to expect.

  • Speak their language. A perfect example of that is on this pumpkin post.

  • Keep it light. No one does Breakfast Invitations exactly the same. Perhaps your children mosey in after a little free play? Perhaps they rush down the stairs to get started? There is NO WRONG way to begin as long as it works for your family. Make this routine your own based on your family needs and personalities.

  • Take the first week to sit a little closer with them as they gain momentum in this new routine.

  • Understand that every day to be different. Some days you will teach them, most days they will teach you.

  • If breakfast bombs, know that there is always snack, lunch, or dinner. You can keep Breakfast Invitations out all day for them to dabble in and out of.

  • Remember that tomorrow is another day.

Best age to start?

Begin your Breakfast Invitations with play and exploration around 2-2.5 years of age.

This is typically a turning point when children to be able to maintain momentum and explore objects with stronger intention.

What types of vocabulary should a child understand to be ready for a Breakfast Invitation?

Your child does not need to know any specific vocabulary beforehand.

Take the time to read the back of the Breakfast Invitation cards so you can have an idea of how and when to introduce new vocabulary.

Don’t be afraid to use larger words such as primary colors and classify with your children. If you model wha the words mean as you use them, they will catch on!

Breakfast Invitations for Kindergarten Readiness

Do you ever get your partner on board to help make Breakfast Invitations?


To his defense, he does think it is pretty awesome. Just no where to be found for set up. LOL

How many Breakfast Invitations are provided on the cards?

The set of Breakfast Invitations sold in our shop has 20+ activities.

You can also find an entire list of Breakfast Invitations on our blog here. 

Which Breakfast Invitations work best for multi-ages?

This depends on your children.

We do most of our Breakfast Invitations on one paper, and then I try to revisit the Breakfast Invitation with my three-year-old once my four-year-old is at school.

I also prefer one set up because it helps my children learn how to communicate thoughts and collaborate. Some days things go smooth and others it can become an argument over who puts down the red bear where. All in good practice.

How can this work for working moms?

I get it.

I was a working mom with Grey and I know how difficult it can be to get out of the house before 7 am.

Depending on the amount of time you have in the morning, you could use them exactly the same.

Some other variations for Breakfast Invitations:

  • Use Breakfast Invitations as Dinner Invitations.

  • Use Breakfast Invitations only on the weekend mornings.

  • Share Breakfast Invitations with your nanny or caregiver.

  • Use them as post Nap Invitations.

Will You Make Part Two Breakfast Invitations?

Do you want them? Let me know!

Do you prep all week activities on Sunday or do you do them the night before?

My teacher brain is always on. I set them up the night before.

When I need some inspiration, I watch my boys play and see how I can design a Breakfast Invitation around that.

The collection of Breakfast Invitation Cards will help you either set them up ahead of time, or do one per night.

Remember, they should take less than 5 minutes to pull together!

Which Breakfast Invitations would you begin with?

The Breakfast Invitation set has 2 suggestions for getting started. I would begin with concepts your child already knows how to master.

Sorting by color is almost always a win!

Dinner Invitations vs. Breakfast Invitations - Is this an option?

It sure is! My only suggestion is to remain consistant once you get started.

When children know what to expect, they have more confidence when working.

When will you get started?


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