Your Breakfast Invitations Startup Guide: Cranky to Creative in Six Steps

Your Breakfast Invitations Startup Guide: Cranky to Creative in Six Steps

Inside: Breakfast Invitation Startup Guide for preschool learning.

Wanting to hit restart on your daily routine?

This Breakfast Invitation startup guide is for you!

Breakfast Invitations Startup Guide

Looking for a way to begin your day with less morning television and more creative kids?

Getting our children to play more on their own can be a challenge. We wake up and are immediately on with a million tasks.

What if it didn’t have to be that way?

Make a Transformation.

I am going to give it to you straight.

I am a mom of three little boys five and under. Mornings were not my favorite and I felt overwhelmed by cranky kids watching morning television. TV seemed to zap their imagination for anything that followed.

Truth is, I just wanted to wake up being able to drink my tea HOT, and have children that were able to use their imagination and play.

So I dug deep into my teacher brain and found a solution.

We all crave balance between being able to take on parenthood, and enjoy the days that come with that tall order.

I am here to help you achieve this balance with this startup guide.

The solution. 

Breakfast Invitations.

Simple set-ups that allow your child to work on low prep activities as you begin your day. 

Breakfast Invitations are designed for multi-age families and work well with siblings to align with concepts to come in Kindergarten.

This Breakfast Invitation Startup Guide shows you how to restructure your day to help everyone feel more settled in their daily routine and increase independent playtime.

Simply put, Breakfast Invitations help set the stage for the day you are craving.

Who is the startup guide good for?

  • Someone looking to minimize or change screen time.

  • Someone looking to have a better understanding of their daily routine.

  • Someone looking to have calmer mornings that transition to independent play.

With short, simple  lessons, this ebook provides a step-by-step system for building a calmer morning routine with more independent play, less television, and a happier YOU! - A life that helps you appreciate childhood with more patience and a predictable routine. 

This is NOT about perfect parenting. 

This is about making intentional changes for a calmer setting. You will be a happier you.

This will be a transformation.

What does this startup guide look like inside?

How are the units structured?

  • Each unit has actionable tips you can start right now.

  • Every unit includes charts for reflections.

  • Every unit includes a Do This Now task for you to make a plan and move forward.

  • Includes charts that are easy to read and refer back to

  • Includes TEN Breakfast Invitations that include set up, language to use, and what to expect the morning of.

Unit One: What are Breakfast Invitations? - A closer look at learning more about Breakfast Invitations. 

Unit Two: Understanding Your Role - Learn more about how you can generate conversations and encourage your child to think critically.  

Unit Three: Understanding Your Child - Learn about different types of play, and important skills we will explore in your daily Breakfast Invitations.

Unit Four: Tweaking Your Daily Routine - A closer look into how to plan your daily routine. 

Unit Five: Minimizing Screen Time - Tips and tricks how to adjust screen time in a way that works for everyone. (that means you too!)

Unit Six: Implementing Breakfast Invitations - Ten Breakfast Invitations to start right now. This includes detailed photographs, setup, language to use, and what to expect the morning of.

As you build momentum, you will begin to notice your child integrate these key concepts:

  • In their independent play.

  • In a future Breakfast Invitation. 

  • In Breakfast Invitations they create for YOU. 

  • In daily life activity. For example, after a Breakfast Invitation using tongs, you may notice them now collecting their toys at clean up continuing to use the tongs. - true story. 

  • Your child will begin to build on key concepts introduced. For example, over time you will see more touching to count, better letter recognition with name, and more fine motor strength. 

What people are saying!

“I just wanted to say a big thank you. I have been doing Breakfast Invitations for the last two weeks but only on kinder mornings. Today is not a Kinder morning and I didn’t put the TV on right away as I wait until the kids ask now. Instead, my daughter asked me where her activity was. I told her she didn’t have Kinder and she asked if I could make her one anyway. I said yes but she would need to give me some time to think of one as I had run out of big butcher paper and need to see what we had. She then proceeded to tell me one we could do where I drew a face on a paper plate an she put dot stickers all over it while singing, “Put a spot over here and a spot over there…” I then found some paper in the cupboard and drew some boxes biggest to smallest for garages and she found cars to park in each box which lead to finding animals the fit instead and then drawing a picture of a tree with nests for her butterflies that had matching colors. An entire morning TV free!!!” - Kristie @thismumsibdlif

“Wanted to say THANK YOU!!!!!! You have changed our mornings from one big nightmare, to the kind I always wished we had but never could achieve. I cannot tell you how much of a blessing these Breakfast Invitations have been for us! I could cry because I am so grateful and happy (okay, maybe I am crying)! Thank you so much for sharing all of your knowledge and ideas with us fellow moms!” - Bethany 

“I’m an elementary school interventionist that teaches struggling mathematicians and readers. These invitations are so educationally rich. Love that it also engages them in conversation!! As a teacher, I often tell parents that they can give themselves so much more credit because teaching at home through conversation and play is so much simpler than they realize. I’m so excited for your account.” - Cait


Do Breakfast Invitations work with siblings?

Certainly! I have three boys and rotate how the Breakfast Invitations are presented. Some days the older two work on the same activity, and other mornings the activities are scaled more on their individual level.

This Breakfast Invitation Startup guide will walk you through how your child learns, what to expect, and how to understand what works best for YOU in your home. After reading, you will have a clear understanding of your plan and executions.

Where can I print this?

You are permitted to print one copy for personal use only. To save money, ink, and paper, print in black and white, double-sided. There are 74 pages total in this ebook. I recommend looking into The Homeschool Printing Company for best prices.

Does your Breakfast Invitation read on my iPhone?

It does! This PDF can be saved to your device and will layout just as it does on paper.

How is this different than what is offered on your website?

This guide is strategically laid out for YOU. It is an intentional plan that you can roll out immediately upon reading to help rather than feverishly searching different blog posts on different essential topics.

This startup guide will help you:

  • Better understand yourself.

  • Better understand your child’s play.

  • Better understand the PURPOSE of each Breakfast Invitations.

  • Better understand how to make adjustments in your screen time.

  • Better understand how to structure your day so that it works for everyone.

This Breakfast Invitations Startup Guide was created specifically to help you feel understood and have an actionable system in place to better enjoy your days.

This is a downloadable product. You will receive a .pdf file at checkout. Non-refundable.

The listing is for Breakfast Invitation Startup Guide, plus ten Breakfast Invitations you can do immediately upon reading.

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