Holiday Gift Set Including 50+ Ideas for your Preschooler

Holiday Gift Set Including 50+ Ideas for your Preschooler

inside: Yoga for kids. Calming techniques, poses, and activities for your preshcooler.

By Kindergarten, Children will be asked to speak audibly and express thoughts, feelings, and ideas clearly.

But, in a technology-driven world, how can we expect them to do so?

The Solution:

Lead by example, and provide opportunities to express thoughts and feelings through movement.  Sure, I am still working on the lead by example part. (did I just admit that out loud?) But luckily there are great books to help guide my practice. 

Yoga for kids

Teaching preschoolers calming techniques should be fun. 

When we first read this book, my four-year-old eagerly jumped in to practice.

My two and a half-year-old watched sheepishly from afar. At first, I tried to over encourage him to join.  Guess what that did? Discouraged him even more. 

Play and exploration are how preschoolers learn. Forcing something will almost always work against you. 

So Grey, four-years-old, and I began our practice and Hayes, my two-year-old watched from afar. 

Like magic, guess who came back in?

yoga for kids

This particular yoga activity has TWO supplies:

These supplies also make fun holiday gifts. 

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Shown below are 26 Alphabet Activity Cards that have 50+ ideas linked with what your child will be doing in Kindergarten. (the WHY you are doing the preschool exploration now.)

Also, here are five more kid's yoga book affiliate links for this holiday season.

What better way to begin each day?

Now, who wants 10 Days of Kid-Made Christmas Ornaments and Gifts? 

Check out these great ideas from many incredible kid bloggers. 

You may especially love this Rustic Snowman! 









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