Color Mixing Game

Color Mixing Game

Inside: Color mixing game for kids using red and yellow.

Truth is, this color mixing game began with mustard and ketchup.

Here we were, about to eat a hamburger and fries, when my four-year-old reminded me that if he mixes all the ketchup into the mustard, it makes orange.

So what better way to bring his discovery home by mixing red and yellow paint into a large storage bin.

It was quick. It was fun. It helped expand upon his hypothesis. The Scientific Method through play. - A brilliant way to get your preschooler to remember what they have learned.

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Kids remember what they do.

We know this!

We see this to be true every day. Show a preschooler a flashcard, and he may be interested for a couple seconds. Set up an invitation to play, and he remembers for weeks to come with statements such as:

Remember that time we mixed red and yellow paint to make orange? Can we do that again today with different colors and see what happens?

This is exactly what my preschooler asked me the following day. The next morning, we set up blue and yellow. It was a beautiful blend of color mixing that I am certain he will remember makes green.

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color mixing game

This color mixing game is great for indoors.

Allow me to set you up for success.

With one child, this color mixing game works great indoors.

With multiple children, I would bring this color mixing game outside.

Truth is that once all three of my boys had their hands on the squirt bottles, paint exploded off of the 'buffer zone (aka an indoor cycling mat) and onto the carpet. Since we use washable paint that I know and trust, it cleaned up well. However, it could have been a disaster. 😆

When I had only one child to help guide along, this color mixing was an indoor success! As always, know your audience.

color mixing game

Why is a color mixing game important?

For one, this color mixing game improves pencil grip.

How is this possible?

See my four-year-old’s hands? He is working hard to squeeze the color out of the squirt bottles. By doing so, he is actually strengthening his small hand muscles which will eventually form letters.

I am certain my four-year-old holds a pencil correctly because of all the fine motor games we have played just like this one. A year ago, his wrist would twist around and a marker would land in the most awkward position. Now, he is holding a marker in a position that will allow him to flourish when writing.

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color mixing game

Setting up this color mixing game is easy.

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In fact, we have played with these squirt bottles so many times, that my preschooler was also involved in the setup. He squeezes the paint into the squirt bottle, and adds the water.

Having young children help in the beginning can almost always seem like a chore that is more effort than it is worth. But over time, you will see the benefits.

  • confidence

  • independence

  • organization

  • planning ahead, gathering essential supplies

Basically, how to make a mess, and control the mess. Sounds like a winning combination to me.

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Color mixing game

Time to set this color mixing game up!

Days with Grey is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Read more about these links in my disclosure policy.

  • Place a couple squirts of washable paint into each squirt bottle.

  • Add water. Shake.

  • Place the under the bed storage bin on something that can catch overflow. Here, I used an indoor cycling mat. You can also use a shower curtain, old table cloth or towel.

  • Line the bottom of the storage bin with paper towels.

  • Invite your preschool to explore the colors mixing!

I gathered some of my most favorite supplies and my four-year-old got to work!

Cleanup was a breeze.

Since the paper towels absorbed a lot of the water, I poured the excess away and tossed the paper towels.

I used the kitchen faucet to rinse the paint out of 41 quart storage bin. I also used the kitchen sink to rinse out the squirt bottles.

We dried everything off and are ready to set up the color mixing game another day!

When will you explore colors?

color mixing game for preschoolers

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