Color Your Ice With (or without) a Light Table

Color Your Ice With (or without) a Light Table

Inside: Color the ice indoor activity using the light table. 

Ever purchase a new pair of boots?

The first time you wear them, they can be a little stiff and hard to wiggle in and out of. (especially pregnant) 

But over time, your leather begins to stretch, and these boots soon become the staple of your everyday wardrobe. Easy on, easy off with lots of style points in between. 

Sound Familiar? 

This scenario can also apply to the light table. 

"So what does it do? It just lights up?" my friend commented when she was over. 

Ha! I love this.

That is exactly what the light table does.

But over time (just like your favorite boots), it becomes more familiar.  It also lights up your preschooler's creativity and begins to change the way your preschooler thinks.

Here's How:

"With an intellectual engaging environment and scaffolding to explore questions and theories, young children can develop many healthy dispositions toward learning and acquire skills, deeper understandings, and increasing curiosity about and respect for the amazing world." Designs for Living and Learning

To simplify: Providing our children with toys that "do the thinking for us" are failing to engage preschooler's curiosity. 

Do I have these toys as well? - Absolutly! Bring on the Toys R Us flyer come Christmas! 

But I also try to offer a balanced assortment. 

Here's how you can too.

color activity on the light table

Things Needed: 

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Set Up:

  • Place plastic wrap above your light table to use as a protective cover. 
  • Talk with your preschooler about keeping the water in each bin. (this will prevent minimal spillage that us moms can handle) You know it will happen, so setting boundaries will still provide the maximum amount. ;) 
  • Set out water with primary color food coloring and droppers. 
  • Let the exploration begin. 
color mixing on the light table

This color exploration was SO good!

In fact, I was able to take sit back and watch from afar.  Just stay close. You do not wantyour preschoolers to eat the ice. 

color mix up light table

What If You Do Not Own a Light Table?

That's okay!

Here are 7 more tools you can use to enhance curiosity and light exploration. 

  • prisms
  • mirrors
  • magnify glass
  • disco balls
  • color cubes
  • jars and bottles in a window
  • beads

There are so many ways to introduce light! 

How will you begin the exploration with your preschooler now? 

light table colors

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