A Color Words Breakfast Invitation

A Color Words Breakfast Invitation

Inside: Color words activity for preschooler and kindergarteners.

Grab your white paper roll and markers. We are going to learn color words by moving!

Yup! That’s right!

Your next Breakfast Invitation will get the little people moving as they learn.

Just like going on a brisk walk fires up our thinking, so does hands-on learning for children. The more we get them moving, the more we can engage and rev up the exploration of new ideas.

And the truth is, doing so is easier to do than you may think!

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Color words are some of the first sight words your child will learn.

Wait. What is a sight word?

Simply put, a sight word is a word a child begins to recognize by sight. The child can automatically read the word because he has memorized the word.

But there is a catch!

You absolutely do not want to focus solely on sight words.

Sight words can be fun to teach, but again, are based solely on memorization.

Is memorizing words reading?

Yes. Children need to automatically recognize familiar words so they can spend the time needed to sound out new words. Here you will find the Dolch list of sight words for preschoolers.

The big picture:

School aged children also need to have a solid phonics foundation when learning how to read.

This will be an extremely valuable tool to have as children continue to read longer and more complex text. Take the time to better understand your school’s program and how they are teaching phonics in the classroom along with common sight words. Children need both.

And did you know that balancing can help children learn to read? Read how here.

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color words activity

Let’s get this color words game set up!

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Are you ready for these SUPER simple supplies?

I taped down my white paper roll to our breakfast table and added a simple title called, Find It!

Next, I added color words in the correct color for my four-year-old and wrote the color words in black marker for my almost Kindergartener.

And who doesn’t love a checklist?

Next to each color word, I added a box for the boys to check off the found color.

My boys knew they needed to:

  • Read the color.

  • Find the color.

  • Return with the color.

  • Check off the color.

This color word activity was a fun way to kick off our morning as I gathered food for breakfast and drank my hot tea to wake up. A win for all!

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We love color games!

Colors are so much fun for preschoolers to engage in! You can see all of our favorites such as:

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