Stuck Inside? Try This.

Stuck Inside? Try This.

What is it about jumping headfirst off the coffee table onto the couch?!

As our newborn tries to sleep soundly in his swing, chaos surrounds him with two high energy preschoolers! 

So what’s a mom to do?

Bring out the contact paper, of course. Because this activity is sticky, and boy do preschoolers love sticky. 

preschool color games

Let's Play! 

This activity requires little set up, with a little preplanning. 


  • Stop by your local painting store for some paint chips. I like to grab (borrow, ask for, buy a couple gallons of paint to compensate, etc)  a variety in the same color to add decision making.
  • I enjoy listening to my preschoolers analyze which shade looks like the better choice when categorizing. 


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How I Prepped This:

Cut the contact paper into four even rectangles.

I like to use painters tape so the tape won't rip off the paint. (However, the downside is it doesn't photograph well)

Next, I added the paint chips into an egg carton top, and the boys went to town. 

preschool color sorting
preschool color sorting


By Kindergarten, children will be asked to participate in collaborative conversations with diverse partners about kindergarten topics and texts with peers and adults in small and larger groups.

This is a great way to practice the skill of communication, taking turns, and speaking about the game's attributes. 


  • With siblings
  • At playdates
  • In homeschooling group activities 
  • When you need a minute to yourself - because, #momneedsaminute 

Keep the contact up for future exploration! 

Colors are excellent to explore, like in this Picasso Tile primary color exploration activity or to use in this water dropper activity. 

Also, check out Busy Toddler's Sticky Sort! 

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