4 Words Will Change the Way Your Preschoolers Work Together

4 Words Will Change the Way Your Preschoolers Work Together

Inside: preschooler and toddler sensory bin to help build cooperation. 

Have you heard of the cooperation shirt? 

This is the t-shirt that fits two kids inside when they aren't getting along. 

Well, here is another spin on how to reinforce cooperation, valuing one another's ideas and getting along. 

The Cooperation Sensory Bin. 

Seriously, have you seen multiple children work together with limited supplies? It can go really smooth, or be a complete challenge.

When the challenge presents itself, you need to try to reinforce these FOUR WORDS.

Preschool cooperation and working together sensory bin

Using sensory bins, along with these four words, should change the way your preschoolers work together. 

Now, my boys get along, but certainly things can get heated over who has the blue train.

Rather than saying, “boys don’t fight!”, I can try and redirect with a powerful phrase that will actually give them tools for later on in life.

For starters, sensory bins are important for:

SENSORY BINS are also great for learning how to work as a team.


Limited supplies that everyone wants in on. Sharing and cooperation at its finest. 

That is until someone grabs the ONLY spoon or maybe doesn't put the rice in the "right" bin according to the stronger personality at the table. Sound familiar?


These four words are about to change everything. 





Brilliant, right? "Let's make a plan."

Let's make a plan before we play. 

Let's make a plan as we play. 

Let's make a plan in the heat of the moment.  

Preschool cooperation and working together sensory bin

I also realize that talking everything out is time-consuming. 

Why must it be so scripted? Do I (the parent) really need to check in and help my preschooler make a plan every time? 

The answer is YES and YES. 

When I was in the classroom, the most frustrating question to hear was “Why can’t these kids do (insert social skill)?” The reason most of the time, was because no one took the time to teach them. 

We need to model the language that will help them redirect arguments.

Taking one step backward to make a plan allows 20 steps forward. 

The good news is that the more it becomes your language, the less you have to practice.

preschool cooperation and working together sensory bin

Simple Supplies that you Already Own:

Amazon Affiliate links:

Here, I used Farro. How did I decide on Farro? Simply because it was the most expired grain in my pantry. - Go check what you are about to toss and use that in your next sensory bin.

Give this a try! 

Set up a couple sensory bins for your preschoolers, and watch their exploration unfold.

Troubleshoot with, "What's the plan" as they continue. 

You will see the more you step back to make plans, the better your preschoolers will be with working together.

In some cases, they may begin to get annoyed with having to stop to make the plan, that they will just do it themselves to move forward. #momwin

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