Domino Addition Track

Domino Addition Track

Inside: domino addition game for Kindergarten. A fun indoor Breakfast Invitation!

Have a child ready to add? Try this domino addition track!

I know my rising Kindergartener is ready to add because he is beginning to automatically recognize “groups of” numbers.

This means he sees a group of four dots and automatically recognizes it as a group of four.

I know my newly four year old is not ready because he is still understanding that the number five actually means FIVE objects.

Even when you think your child has this down, I urge you to keep at it.

Number sense and truly understanding quantity is the foundation of all future math concepts.

Do not rush to addition.

I urge you to take the time touching and counting manipulatives prior addition. The counting bears, pom poms, and magnetic tiles are great tools for this!

So now after that PSA, let’s dive in!

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domino addition game

Dominoes make a great math manipulative.

Just holding a domino can stimulate learning!

They are slightly cold, have indented dots to touch and feel as you count, and are typically bright and colorful.

Basically, a domino hits all of your senses in just one round of play!

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domino addition

Let’s rewind and take a look at the progression of number sense:

  • Children will be to count. This simply means they are memorizing a sequence of numbers.

  • Next, children learn one-to-one correspondence. This means they are matching one, and only on the number, with each item in a set of objects. This is touching as they count.

  • At a higher level, children begin to apply to reason as they understand quantity. What this means is they are beginning to make comparisons such as more than, bigger than, less than, and same as.

  • At a higher level, children also begin to automatically recognize a group of objects as the total amount. What this means is that a child sees five goldfish and can identify the group as five fish without counting.

The big idea?

You have plenty of time to get there.

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domino addition track

Here is what is most important about all of this:

Do not rush it. Do not compare.

In our family, each one of my boys learns very differently. They have reached different learning milestones at different times.

The more you touch objects, the more you count aloud, the more you practice, the better off your child will be for future math skills.

Truly understanding groups of numbers is a REALLY big deal, so take your time.

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domino addition indoor game

Ready to add?

Here’s what you’ll need.

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Setting this math game up is simple!

  • Tape down your white paper roll.

  • Draw a large oval on your paper.

  • Begin to place your dominoes all around the oval.

  • Draw lines to separate each domino.

  • Write in the total amount for each section.

  • Place your dominoes in the center of the oval.

  • Tomorrow morning, invite your child to add each domino for their Breakfast Invitation.

What is a Breakfast Invitation? Read here.

Who is ready to get started?

domino addition game

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