A Preschool Counting Game

A Preschool Counting Game

Inside: Preschool number recognition game. This preschool number activity game makes a perfect Breakfast Invitation as well. 

Close your eyes and picture a group of 6. 

Anyone see the exact grouping as displayed on a domino?  Three on the top, and three on the bottom. 

Now, try to do the same for a group of five. 

Domino again? I thought so. 

This is called subitizing. 

Subitizing is the ability to 'see' a small number of objects without counting. When subitizing, you instantly know how many dots are present. 

You can also find this activity on our Breakfast Invitation Cards. 

preschool counting game

In this picture, my preschooler is practicing rational counting which is also important for number sense.

With practice, rational counting will eventually lead to subitizing. 

preschool number game

Why is Subitizing Important

When preschoolers learn how to automatically recognize a familiar number grouping, they will have more time to spend on processing new information.

They won't get "caught up" trying to count the number in each group when trying to add one more. (later down the road) Do not rush adding on a preschool level. Now is the time to build that number sense. 

preschool number game with dominos

My preschooler LOVED this game! 

So much so, that we ended up adding three more rows of domino numbers. 

This preschool number game also makes a wonderful Breakfast Invitation! 

What You Need to Play: 

  • Large white paper roll
  • Dominoes
  • Markers to create the maze 

How to Set Up this Number Game:

  • Tape down a large piece of white paper to your table. 
  • Choose about 10 dominoes to start with. 
  • Be sure you ONLY have the dominoes that will be used for the game. Too many can be overwhelming. Especially on the first try. 
  • Create lines, adding a blank space for each domino. I used the width of a ruler as my guide. 
  • Begin to play! 
  • Match the correct domino to the numbers written. 
preschool number game with dominoes

We played this game on and off all morning!

Your preschooler is certain to love this preschool number game as well! 

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preschool number game





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