Crack a Name: An Easy Easter Game for Kids

Crack a Name: An Easy Easter Game for Kids

inside: an easy Easter egg game for kids.

Break out the plastic eggs, because this easy Easter game is a hoot.

Every year around this time, I can pretty much find half of a plastic Easter egg in any room. It’s just standard. Easter is to plastic eggs as Christmas is to Santa. They. are. everywhere. I know you can relate.

So rather than stepping on the plastic Easter eggs, let’s gather them up and have some fun.

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easy easter game for kids

Give this Easter game a simple twist.

You know we love to include name recognition in our activities. Build Your Name, Name Match, and Family Name Cards are a MUST as well.

Using names is a simple way to welcome children to the activity in a way that naturally excites them. They love name games as much as we love to see our name on a Starbucks!

In our home, we have three children so the suspense was REAL!

Whose name will we pick from the Easter egg? Will it be Will? Grey? Hayes?

Let’s crack an egg and find out!

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Easy Easter game for kids

This easy Easter game is quick to set up.

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Set up:

  • Write names on a large sheet of paper.

  • This is just like Find Your Name, only Easter style.

  • Now, add names to your strips of paper.

  • Put names into the eggs.

  • Remember, Breakfast Invitations are set up the night before in under 5 minutes. This way, your children come right down to an activity that is already set up.

  • Invite your children to come and crack a name!

  • Find the matching name on the large paper.

Go ahead and make this today! It’s a riot!

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