Easy Toddler Activity

Inside: Contact paper easy indoor fall activity for kids.

Sticky contact paper.

Something that I desire an endless supply of, and need to take out more often.

Why? Because kids love it.

You can see we use it on rainy days, and Busy Toddler uses it to reinforce the alphabet. It’s basically awesome and perfect for many different ages.

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Easy toddler activity

The minute I taped up the sticky contact paper, my 16 month old and three-year-old came running over.

“What is this?”

“It’s sticky!”

“Hey, look! My hand is stuck!”

My three-year-old had so much to say and experience as he took his first look.

Now true, we have done activities with sticky paper in the past. But perhaps it has been too long.

This easy toddler activity will also make a great game for Thanksgiving Day!


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Simple Set Up:

  • Hang a large square on your wall. I like to use painters tape.

  • Draw a fall picture on your contact paper. Here, I drew a pumpkin.

  • Quick tip: Use pictures in a book to help you with your illustrations!

  • Place your squares below the contact paper.

  • Invite your taby, toddler, or preschooler to come stick. They will bend down to pick up the tissue paper and extend their arm to place it on the contact paper.

easy toddler activity for fall

So what’s the BIG idea?

Here, your taby, toddler, or preschooler is working on a vertical surface. This is strengthening his core and arm muscles for future skills such as throwing and swinging.

Your child is also discovering new textures.

According to, Loose Parts 2 , “Touching is the most fundamental means of contact with the world.”

The book continues to state, “Since our skin is one of the most sensitive parts of our body and provides much information about the world and it’s messages, it makes sense that young children spend so much time exploring how touch feels to their bodies”

Isn’t that powerful?!

Sounds like touch and texture needs to be integrated into more daily preschool activities.

Make this easy taby, toddler, preschool activity for fall today!

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