Adding One More: An Easy Math Game

Adding One More: An Easy Math Game

Inside: an easy math quantity game for fine motor development and preschoolers

As people check out of the grocery store they are typically drawn to the gum, US Weekly, and/or candy bars. 

Well, not me. 

Over here, I can never get enough masking tape. If I see it at the checkout, you better believe I toss a roll into the cart. 

Masking tape has become my new favorite supply. I'm obsessed! I've used it for our magnetic matching game, and prewriting. Follow us on IG and you may have also seen how we used masking tape for pattern play.  It's the best. 

Easy Math Activity for preschoolers

Now, you see this picture, and immediately think school, right? 

An activity to leave for the teachers, perhaps? 

Hang on. You can do this! Your preschooler can do this. 

...and your preschooler will love it. 

Allow me to redirect your thinking because this number quantity game makes the perfect Breakfast Invitation

These cubes also make a great game for fine motor skills.

preschool counting game for fine motor

Here's WHY this game is so valuable. 

There is a difference between counting and understanding what the numbers stand for.

COUNTING is one of the first concepts to master. You will notice that your preschooler can count fairly early on and that counting has to do with memorization. 


QUANTITY is the concept of understanding how many. 

It may also include concepts such as more than, bigger than, less than, and same as. 

By Kindergarten, children will be asked to understand that each successive number name refers to a quantity that is one larger.

This visual allows your preschooler to touch the objects as they count and add one more.

This is a powerful way to better understand quantity. 

You can never practice quantity enough.

Play around with numbers 1-10 over and over again. Allow your preschooler to make a group of 10, then take it apart to make different number combinations. 

easy math game for preschoolers

I set this game up for my 4 year old. 

Here's what I did:

  • Make one horizontal line using masking tape. 
  • Add small pieces of paper with numbers. 
  • Share with your preschooler that this is a number line and as the numbers go up, so do the number of blocks.
  • This is beginning to show the concept of "one more".

Next, allow your preschooler to begin at number one. 

Allow your preschooler to place 1 block for the number 1. 

Allow your preschool to place 2 blocks for number 2. 

Show your preschooler how there is one more block added to make two. 

If your preschooler is catching on, keep going! 

If your preschooler becomes frustrated, put the math game on pause. You can always come back to it when it is a better time. 

In the picture above, we began talking about what number would come next on the number line. (8)

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Easy Math Game for Preschoolers

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Play this Important Math Game to understand quantity over and over again! Once mastered, add it to your next Breakfast Invitation. 

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math game for preschool
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