Fall Sensory Play Mix Up!

Fall Sensory Play Mix Up!

Inside: fall sensory bin ideas for preschool

How do you teach a toddler how to pour a glass of milk?

How will your preschooler begin to understand capacity?

With simple sensory setups that encourage pouring and scooping, of course!

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fall sensory bin

There are so many hidden foundational skills to learning in sensory play that we may not always think about. For starters, think about how the weight of a container changes as it is filled, or how mixing red and blue liquids to become a new color.

These black and orange beans for the perfect Halloween sensory bin!

And guess what? You do not have to race out the door to Kroger.

Go check your pantry. Are there any old beans or lentils that you plan on throwing out? Toss them into your sensory bin. You really can’t go wrong with what you toss in.

Here I tossed in pinto beans for orange(ish) and black beans for black. Mix them together for the ultimate fall sensory idea for preschoolers.

Halloween sensory bin

Now, I truly only have one rule for sensory bins.

That is, things need to either be kept wet or dry. I don’t allow water on beans or rice because after playing, these supplies need to be swept up. Water will make that impossible.

However, we do add water to things that can dry easily on an outdoor table or dish cloth. My favorite is when we made Bear Soup using color counting bears.

This fall sensory bin for preschool, we kept our supplies dry.

That way I could sweep away when finished and it is less likely to have beans sprouting from the cracks of the deck. #momwin

fall sensory idea for preschool

Simple Supply List:

Amazon Affiliate link listed below.

Remember, first check your pantry.

Next, check your kitchen for extra supplies such as these.

This Scoop and Pour Sensory Bin is perfect for fall.

The colors are just right, and the clean up is minimal in case you have to bring this indoors.

When will you set this up for your preschooler?

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