Find Your Name; A Simple Breakfast Invitation

Find Your Name; A Simple Breakfast Invitation

Inside: Breakfast Invitation name game for kids

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! I’ve got your Breakfast Invitation secret weapon.

Kids love seeing their name. Like, loooooooooove seeing their name.

And so do we. We use our names to mark our success at workouts, sign off on an email, and to simply identify which Starbucks frappacchino is ours. We find it especially funny when it gets written incorrectly.

Names are a beautiful representation of who we are.

Let’s use names to help our children grasp a marker, identify letters, and hold their hand steady to design a circle as they find their name.

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Let’s talk about letters.

Letters may have curved lines.

Letters may have straight lines.

Letters may have slants, tunnels and dots.

The point it, letters themselves can be talked about way more than we would initially think. It is tempting to move right onto reading. But allow yourself (and your child) some time to really dissect what they look like first.

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Lines that Wiggle is a great book to continue this conversation. You and your child will begin to notice things in your everyday that you may not have given much thought before reading.

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See Lines that Wiggle and other fun books here:

The Line
By Paula Bossio

Find Your Name never gets old.

This can be your FIRST Breakfast Invitation, or your 76th Breakfast Invitation.

Put this idea on the table and it will be a success. Better yet, find a long wall and hang it vertically. No matter what your preschooler’s plan of action, they are sure to dive right in.

So let’s get started!


Super Simple Set-Up

  • Lay out your white paper roll.

  • Write a variety of names on the white paper.

  • Remember, you can tape this on a table, to the wall, or floor! Think about what your child enjoys or needs in order to change things up.

  • Include your child’s name multiple times, in multiple colors.

  • Write the names with an uppercase first letter and lowercase for the rest.

  • Extension: Write the middle or last name for them to begin to practice with.

  • Grab a marker for them, and a cup of coffee for you.

What happens next?

Next up, your kids are on the hunt to find their name. You can do this in a couple of different ways.

  1. Allow your child to find their name and circle it.

  2. Call a name from the other room and they run to go find it.

  3. Add their name on Post-it Notes. Place them around the kitchen. Rather than circling their names, they are now finding them and matching them to the white paper roll.


Keep in mind:

Mention what you notice about the first letter in their name.

“Your name begins with the letter H. Look! H has all straight lines.”

Move your finger down the lines and show how they are straight.

“I wonder if any other letters show straight lines. Let’s look!”

You can follow up with searching for the opposite. Now, search and find a letter with curves.

Remember, there is no rush to reading. The more you explore the foundations of letters, the more you are helping your children become better thinkers. They are learning to step back and pay attention to details.

By Kindergarten, children will be asked to Identify real-life connections between words and their use. We can begin to share concept now.

Find Your Name is the very best!

Get started today, or save this image to your Pinterest board for a rainy day.

Want more name games? Try Sticker Names from Busy Toddler!

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