Giant Dot to Dot Maze for Improve Fine Motor Skills

Giant Dot to Dot Maze for Improve Fine Motor Skills

Inside: This giant dot to dot maze will improve fine motor skills and practice preschool alphabet recognition.

Snow in Georgia? 

You betcha! - TWICE actually! 

Day One: everyone is super excited and snow gear is worn multiple times throughout the day. ...and then, the snow begins to melt yet the roads remain icy. #nosaltingeorgia

What's a family to do?! 

This Giant Dot to Dot of course!!! This preschool alphabet game is a great way to improve fine motor skills

preschool fine motor activity

I picked my favorite supplies for this game! 

Amazon Affiliate links. I also added the WHITE PAPER ROLL to alternate with the kraft paper. 

preschool fine motor activity

WHY is this dot to dot preschool alphabet game important? 

HOW is it helping your preschooler? 

Fine motor games will increase strength for cutting, pencil grip, drawing, writing, and pasting later in life. 

In Kindergarten, students will be asked to recognize and name all upper- and lowercase letters of the alphabet.


Absolutely not. But it does mean that can begin to expose your preschooler now. 

preschool fine motor activity

This activity took minutes to set up. Probably 3 minutes total if I set a timer. 

  • Tape down a large piece of paper. (Kraft or white)
  • Begin to go in order A-Z with letters and dots.  

That's all! Allow your preschooler to begin connecting the dots in alphabetic order. This is a great way to practice recognizing the letters of the alphabet!

Alternative Ways to Play:

  • Connect numbers. 
  • Connect words to a simple story. (with help)
  • Connect alike shapes. 
  • Connect rhyming words (with help)
  • Connect drawn out number amounts. 1- draw one dot. 2- draw two dots. etc. 

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Fine Motor Alphabet Game .jpg

No time to make this? 

Here is a list of fine motor activities that we love. 







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