Fine Motor Game for Pencil Grip

Fine Motor Game for Pencil Grip

Inside: Quick and easy fine motor skills for preschoolers and toddlers

Save the pumpkins with this super easy fine motor activity.

Alright, Target Dollar Spot. I came. I saw. I conquered. These little erasers screamed my name all the way from the diaper aisle.

Last week we shared some tips about pencil grip. One of the most important ways to help how your child holds a pencil is to strengthen hand muscles by using tongs, scissors and movements with pliable textures such as playdough.

Save the Pumpkins forces your child in a playful way to use a pencil grip to save the pumpkins from hot lava.

Of course, right? Please tell me everything your child does also revolves around not stepping on the hot lava?!? Remember, speak their language. What makes your preschooler tic?

For us, it was hot lava and they were ALL OVER this game. My almost five year old wanted to count how many he grabbed, and my three-year-old wanted to make sure none of them fell into the gooey mess.

It was easy, and it was awesome.

fine motor skills for pencil grip


This list contains Amazon affiliate lists. The small erasers were found at the Target Dollar Spot. If you cannot get there, I also found them on Amazon.

I also shared two types of tongs. We have the Learning Resources tongs and love them, but some people find them difficult to open and close.

Are you ready for this simple set up?

  • Place pumpkin erasers on the table.

  • Tip: Stand the pumpkins upright for a better grab.

  • Set aside one pair of tongs for each child.

  • Set aside one jar for each collection.

  • I added a quick sign stating, “Save the Pumpkins!” to help with my hot lava pitch.

fine motor game for pencil grip

“What’s happening behind the scenes?”

“What is my child gaining from doing this? “

For starters, your preschooler is learning how to take creative ideas and make them their own. That sure is a lot better than a worksheet, huh?

Your preschooler is also getting their little hands ready to hold a pencil. These tongs suggest your child to use a pencil grip in order to pick up the pumpkins. Trust me. No pumpkin will be left in the lava.

Hand eye coordination and transporting are also important skills being practiced. This helps reinforce concepts such as weight and space.

And finally, this is helping mom get a minute to herself. You can use Save the Pumpkins as your next Breakfast Invitation, or when it is time to make dinner. And you know they made it into the Eyeball Soup!

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