Fine Motor Game for One-Year-Olds

Fine Motor Game for One-Year-Olds

Need a quick and easy toddler activity?

This toddler activity helped me multiple times this week!

I used it to prepare dinner, vacuum the living room floor, and take a shower. - You know, all normal activities that are a wee bit harder to do with someone pulling on your pant leg.

Under two-years-old can be a tricky age to entertain. They are typically in the I want to be older, yet I don’t have the momentum to play independently for long periods of time phase.

But no worries, I am happy to help.

Quick and easy toddler activities to help you make breakfast and blow dry your hair. #momlife


Does my 18-month-old know his colors?

Absolutely not.

Is it a good time to begin to mentioning the words, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple?

Absolutely, yes.

It is also a good time to have your child pull items up and try to manage hand-eye-coordination to place it back.

Important development skills that are also happening:

  • hand-eye coordination

  • cause and effect

  • problem solving

  • finger grasping

  • strengthening arm strength

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These games are like building blocks to learning.

Thinking games such as this prepares your toddler for independent play down the road.

Each game acts as a building block to learning and concepts will begin to overlap.

Pick a Color now; Working with Legos later.

Baby Block Box now; Building tall towers later.

Sweet and Tasty Edible Bin now; Cranberry Scoop and Pour later.

Catching on?

Every activity you play with your toddler now, will help build momentum for when they are a preschooler.

This fine motor game is also perfect for multi-ages! My 3.5 year old could not stay away.

Fine Motor Game for One-year-olds

Setting up this toddler activity was simple!

A quick dive into the recycle bin did the trick. I found some jumbo craft sticks and a razor and was well on my way!

Supplies: - Razor for us grown-ups only

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Along with a recycled box, we also used:

Keep your supplies out!

Chances are, your toddler will play with this again and again.

If they grow tired of the box, put the colored craft sticks in a jar. Now watch them fill and dump. - Another important developmental skill.

Now, go dumpster dive for some cardboard!

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No time to make this?

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