Button Push For Hand Eye Coordination

Button Push For Hand Eye Coordination

Inside: Fine motor activity for preschoolers and toddlers.

It all began with a trip to Hobby Lobby, that then escalated to a trip to the teaching store for more. 

Buttons are taking over our house and I am not mad at it. 

These giant tangible objects have found themselves in water and have now moved their way into our trucks. 

fine motor activity for preschoolers

Wait, this seems so simple. 

Why is Button Push so important? 

For starters, the SIZE of these buttons is perfect for your four-year-olds, great for your three-year-olds and even better for your one-year-old

How do I know this? Because I have all three ages that seem to swarm around these giant colorful buttons. They do fit into mouths, so stay close and make sure any of these ages do not choke. 

Educationally speaking, your child is also working on: 

  • Fine motor grip 
  • Hand-eye coordination 
  • Repetition which serves as building blocks to learning and establishes play patterns 
  • Movement
  • Prediction 
  • Transporting - mathematical and language concepts as they investigate space and weight
  • Empty vs. Full 

I know this one from being an educator, but also from reading powerful books that help me better understand child development. Below are Amazon Affiliate links to my favorites. These books are also mentioned in our play-dough post and Best Activities for One-Year-Olds. 

So as your toddler or preschooler pushes the buttons into the truck, they are also examining concepts that build their play schema. 

Want more independent play time? Include more toys that can move, transport, and manipulated.

Supplies for Fine Motor Truck Push: 

Below are Amazon Affiliate links. 

Setting up this fine motor push was simple! 

Begin with this phrase: 

"I wonder how these buttons could fit into this truck?"

Then step back, and watch what happens. You may notice your toddler or preschooler become entranced with the buttons as they slip into the slots of the truck. 

This is your child working on exploring capacity! 

You may also notice your child transporting the buttons from one area to another. 

This is your child exploring weight and strengthening their large muscles! 

Do you see your child take the buttons and begin forming them into groups? 

This is your child sorting and classifying! 

Never underestimate what appears to be a simple activity. They can be the most powerful. 

fine motor activity for children

Best part? You can get started in a flash. (Thanks, Amazon Prime!) 

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