A FUN Breakfast Invitation

A FUN Breakfast Invitation

Inside: fun ideas for Halloween

We are grabbing October by the skeleton bones.

Apparently, mom needed a change of seasons to recharge creativity.

This fall we have created pumpkin faces, counted ghost eyes, stuck sticky squares on a pumpkin, and grasped little erasers . We even created a memory game using little pumpkins. The best part of all of these activities is that they can all be tossed into a giant bin to make the Ultimate Halloween sensory exploration.

October, you have been anything but boring.

So now, let’s time to take out all the Halloween stickers (thank you Target Dollar spot and Amazon) for a simple, yet SUPER engaging Breakfast Invitation.

fun ideas for kids for Halloween

This Halloween Breakfast Invitation stayed out all day long and was a HUGE hit.

Did you know?

We actually keep all of the Breakfast Invitations out for an entire day.

By dinner they have been well loved, and have eggs smeared somewhere on the middle of the white paper roll. At that point, it is straight to the recycle bin.

For those Breakfast Invitations that we want to revisit, we can create again.

Remember, Breakfast Invitations should take about 5 minutes to create so they can be whipped up in an instant. Reuse materials so the only thing you need is new paper.

fun ideas for Halloween for kids


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Now for the Simple Setup!

  • Tape down a portion of your white paper roll.

  • Use masking or painter’s tape to adhere the four corners.

  • Place a collection of Halloween stickers in a small bin.

  • Draw about 4 or 5 shirts on your Breakfast Invitation.

  • Invite your toddler or preschooler to decorate Halloween shirts.

  • Tip: Take off the backing for easier sticker peel.

fun ideas for Halloween for kids

What’s the BIG IDEA?

For starters, fine motor is going strong. See those little chubby fingers grasping the sticker? That is my three-year-old strengthening those small hand muscles.


  • for creativity

  • to give you (mom) a minute to drink morning coffee

  • it’s fun - reason enough for me!

Design your Halloween Shirt is also great for after school, before dinner or just in the middle of the day when you need to give yourself a minute to catch your breath.

When will you set this up for your preschooler?

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