Gingerbread Man Sticker Match - a fun winter activity

Gingerbread Man Sticker Match - a fun winter activity

Inside: Winter Indoor Activities for Kids

Looking to introduce some key math concepts?

You know me. I am always thinking of ways to introduce those Common Core Math Standards now so when we all enter Kindergarten, it is a lot more head nodding than confusion.

I’ve been there. I’ve taught these standards. I assure you, they move FAST.

Here, I know that Kindergarteners will be asked to understand the terms match and pair. They are also asked to, directly compare two objects with a measurable attribute in common.

“You have a pair of socks. They are both the same.”

“These two stickers are alike because they both have 2 candy canes and a snowflake.”

“These objects are different because one of them roll and the other will stack. They are not the same.”

We can begin to introduce Kindergarten topics in an age appropriate way that is enjoyable.

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Winter indoor activity for kids

Remember those sweet treats stickers from Holiday Sticker Cups? Well, of course we want to reuse them! We look for supplies that can be used again and again.

I began with a VERY simple little lesson to build background information.

  • Make a small pile of your children’s socks.

  • Find some that are pairs and some that do not have a match.

  • Hold up the pair. “See these socks? They match! They are both yellow with a red toe. Since these are both the same, I call them a pair of socks.”

  • Hold up two socks that are different. “Now, let me check these socks. I see that one is purple, and the other is red. They look different. They are not a pair since they are not the same.”

  • Ask your child to find a pair of matching socks in the pile.

You will begin to see that they catch on pretty quickly. Once you see them gaining momentum and understanding how to make a matching pair, show them your gingerbread man.


winter indoor activities for kids

Setting up was simple!

This winter indoor activity took just a couple minutes of set-up.

  • Draw a large gingerbread man on a paper bag. Cut him out.

  • Find stickers that have a matching pair.

  • Place your stickers all over your gingerbread man.

  • Leave a space for the matching pair. (this will be what your preschooler needs to find)

  • Tape your gingerbread man on a vertical surface.

Working on a vertical surface helps build arm strength. Think long term, throwing, climbing, swinging a bat.

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winter indoor activity for kids

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You’ve got this.

Set this winter activity this holiday season for some indoor play fun.

Let me know what your kids think!

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