Hilarious Game for Active Preschoolers

Hilarious Game for Active Preschoolers

Inside: Indoor game for gross motor development

Need a new game for your active preschooler? Try this hilarious large motor activity.

We all know children learn and play in a variety of ways.

When planning simple games, I want to make sure I am touching on all of the different categories of play and integrating a variety of concepts that prepare our children for life. Kindergarten topics are important, but life skills are essential.

So what better way to get kids taking turns, using descriptive words, and improve arm strength than using one giant claw similar to what they watch on Toy Story Three. I’ll admit. I joined in on the fun as well. Who can resist a claw game?!

This game had us all laughing!

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large motor activity for preschool

This large motor game was a hit!

Large motor activities and gross motor games are essentially the same.

Having your preschooler move their body literally wakes up their brain. These activities involve using the larger muscles in your body:

We want to practice strengthening the large muscles just as much as we practice the fine motor skills. (cutting, pasting, gluing, writing, buttoning, tying, etc.) Both are important for development.

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Set up with items you already own!

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As you can imagine, most of these supplies are already in your home.

  • I found a large basket and ran upstairs to gather some stuffed animals.

  • I placed all of the animals into the giant basket.

  • Next, I collected our large sensory bin and kitchen tongs.

  • I placed a small chair next to the animal bin. I did this so my preschooler would use his strength to grab, lift, and drop using his arm muscles.

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The large motor game was simple!

The idea was to see which animal you could grab with using the claw. My preschoolers took turns seeing which animal they could grab. Since all of the animals were mixed up, it was so funny to see their reaction as each one was grabbed.

Some variations to get your preschoolers talking and thinking would be:

  • Blindfold the child pulling from the basket. Say clues to help them guess which animal they picked.

  • Keep the blindfold off and ask your child to, “find and grab the animal with blue spots and a large fin”. Use descriptive words to help increase their vocabulary and pay attention to detail.

  • Count the animals grabbed.

  • Sort the animals by classifying into different categories. Animals found in water, land animals, animals with a tail, etc.

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large motor breakfast Invitation

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