Holiday Sticker Cups

Holiday Sticker Cups

Inside: Simple holiday idea for kids.

Ready to strengthen small hand muscles AND get a couple minutes to yourself?

Sticker Cups are where it’s at.

Breakfast Invitations for your kids do not have to involve a laminator.

You do not need to spend $30+ on supplies.

And you certainly do not have to know come up with ideas on your own. (Insert Days with Grey and Busy Toddler to the rescue.)

You can help your child learn at home without endless amounts of prep work.

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holiday indoor activity for kids

Many of you ask, “Which Breakfast Invitations do you have on repeat?”

Well, after introducing my five-year-old and 3.5 year-old to this holiday sticker activity I will say hands down, THIS ONE. I love when both boys are equally invested in one Breakfast Invitation.

The idea generated from Sticker Shirt Design. A simple Breakfast Invitation that we played around Halloween. It was such a hit in my home and yours that I knew Sticker Design 2.0 needed to happen.

indoor holiday activity for kids

Pick the ONE thing you want to improve, and focus on that ONE skill.

What I mean, is if you want to focus on fine motor skills, stay focused on the task at hand.

Here, it is to strengthen the little muscles so that down the line your child can correctly cut and hold a pencil.

You want to stay focused with your goal.

If the goal is fine motor grip, try not to also throw in letter recognition and sequencing. You can keep the brain power to a minimum so that your reluctant toddler or preschooler can really zone in on what they need to work on.

Here, it is fine motor.

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Another perk? They are excited to drink from their new holiday cup! Water intake for the win.

holiday indoor activity for kids

Here’s the simple set-up for Holiday Sticker Cups

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Plastic Cups

I laid the stickers and the cups out the night before.

When my preschoolers wake, they come down and get started as I prepare breakfast and try and wakeup without a million requests.

Here, they are decorating holiday cups to strengthen fine motor grip. They are doing this by peeling off the stickers and holding their hand steady to place it on the cup.

You can catch Breakfast Invitation set-ups every Sunday night. I call them “Sunday Night Set-Ups” so you can see just how quick and easy this is! Watch one this Sunday on Instagram Stories.

Now, would you believe this simple task is also linked to Kindergarten Common Core Standards?

By Kindergarten, children are asked to a combination of drawing, dictating, and writing to compose opinion pieces in which they tell a reader the topic or the name of the book they are writing about and state an opinion or preference about the topic or book.

They need to first have strong hands in order to take writing to the next level!

When will you set-up Sticker Cups?

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