A Simple Sensory Bin for Ice Play

A Simple Sensory Bin for Ice Play

Inside: Sensory play with ice and color mixing.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE.

(Okay, I know it is ice cream, but that would make one very sticky sensory bin.)

If you have preschoolers, you must give this ice activity a go. There has never been a time that my three-year-old and four-year-old were more engaged.

Sensory play is my go to every single time my one-year-old takes a nap.

Since my older two no longer nap, sensory play activities such as this gives me a chance to catch my breath. Once the boys are set up, they are always good for 30-45 minutes of independent play. 

That's right! Breakfast Invitations in the morning, and sensory bin after that. Together they really work hand and hand to jumpstart creativity!

You will also see that we rotate through 50+ preschool activities to help keep everyone busy! 

sensory play with ice

Do you have an ice maker? 

If so, you have the main supply for this post. The supplies are also pretty simple to pull together in a pinch. 

Below are Amazon Affiliate Links:

Plastic Squeeze Bottles

Kid's Paint

Shower Liner - One day I literally went to the guest bathroom and took it straight off the rod. We have used it 217 times since. 

Begin by reminding your preschoolers that primary colors are red, yellow, and blue. You can continue reinforcing this with Color Mixing Paper and Primary Hunt and Sort

ice sensory play

Easy Breezy Set Up:

Grab that shower curtain and find a safe spot.

A shower curtain provides buffer. You can only say, "Stay inside the bin" so many times. Now when I say it, what I really mean is stay on the shower curtain. - I just don't tell them that. As a mom, you have to set yourself up to not get stressed out. Who knew a shower curtain could provide so much calm?!

  • Fill each squirt bottle with a small amount of paint.

  • Use only primary colors.

  • Add water to the rest of the bottle.

  • Shake the squirt bottle.

  • Dump Ice into a large storage bin.

  • Allow your preschoolers to decide what is next.

ice sensory play

Pro Tip! 

Set limits.

Allow one refill. Your preschoolers may get so excited about this ice sensory play that they will squirt the entire bottle in 4 seconds flat. #beenthere,donethat

Allow your preschoolers to come back for one last fill up, and then hand them over some kitchen tools you no longer use. 

By now, the ice is beginning to melt and your preschooler has now moved onto water play. Are you catching on how effective ice and water are to your daily routine? 

You can also use ice on the light table! 

ice play sensory bin

What is going on behind the scenes?

  • Inquiry based learning

  • Color mixing

  • Problem solving

  • Teamwork

  • Collaborative Play

  • Decision Making

  • Child led learning

Hang on to this idea, plus many more that will head straight to your inbox every Monday and Wednesday morning. 

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ice play sensory bin






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