Cranberry Mix-Up; A Holiday Sensory Bin

Cranberry Mix-Up; A Holiday Sensory Bin

Inside: indoor sensory activity for kids

Want to teach your kids how to pour their own milk?

Start with simple, super fun sensory play such as this one.



Even dumping are essential for child development.

These are concepts that unless someone sits us down and says, “Look, here is WHY you are getting your kitchen floor a little wetter than you’d like”, we may not be as accustomed to doing.

The side bonus is that water play typically lasts 3 times longer than it takes me to set up and clean up. Bonus if the kids think wiping the floor is a follow-up game. - But let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

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indoor sensory play for kids

So tell me. WHY is this sensory play important?

Scooping helps little hands hold steady. It helps them lift different amounts of weight depending on how much liquid is in the ladle. This is building arm strength.

Pouring helps understand how much you can put into something before it overflows. Exploring with water tests and hypothesizes when the container will overflow.

Now the dumping. Raise your hand if your child dumps everything in sight?

Me too. Especially my 18 month old.

You want your child to explore dumping because it helps them test gravity.

My favorite books to help explain this further are, Loose Parts and Loose Parts Two. I have both books and refer to them often.

indoor sensory play for kids

Don’t let the set-up scare you.

I like to lay down a variety of buffers to create the, “okay to spill zone”.

Do I tell my kids there is an “Okay to Spill Zone?”


Their job is to keep the water in the bin.

What I am doing, is thinking ahead.

I know that if I tell my children to keep the water in the bin, it will trickle onto the buffer zone. If I tell my children they have some extra room to spill, water will be everywhere. - These are the tricky mom moves that keep me sane.

So what can you use as your buffer?

  • plastic shower liner

  • old yoga mat

  • old indoor cycling mat (shown here)

  • plastic table cloth

  • outside

Supplies are simple:

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  • Raid your kitchen.

  • Purchase cranberries on your next grocery trip.

  • Buy a really good bin. Here are two I like to use for sensory play with water:

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The best part is that you probably have all you need already in your home!

When will you scoop and pour?

Who wants more water play? Find 35+ Water Play Ideas HERE all in one place.

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