Which Does Not Belong? An Indoor Preschool Game

Which Does Not Belong? An Indoor Preschool Game

Inside: Indoor Preschool Game for Learning

Ever wonder which preschool games are sticky and which are flops

Yeh, me too. 

I can spend 30 minutes making a failed activity and 2 making the winner. 

Well, guess what? 

This indoor preschool activity is THE BOMB. 


This preschool activity took 2-5 minutes to set up. 

Winner for everyone!

In fact, this activity has been requested so much that it also made its debut on Letter Xx in our Alphabet Activity Cards. 

indoor preschool activity


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indoor preschool activity

Now, what makes this indoor preschool game so special? 

For starters, the sharpie means everything to a preschooler. Make it a REALLY big deal. Tell your preschooler this is a marker we only use together. It is a mom marker that he can borrow. 

Cue the GIGANTIC smile. 

indoor preschool activity

WHY is my preschooler doing this activity now?

By Kindergarten, children will be asked to classify objects into given categories.

How to Play:

Here, your preschooler is Xing out the sticker that does not belong to the group. 

Which stickers are alike? 

How do you know they are alike? What do they have in common?

Which stickers are different? 

How do you know this one is different? What is different about it?

It's that simple! 

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