Indoor Winter Sensory Bin

Indoor Winter Sensory Bin

Inside: Indoor Winter Sensory Play

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Ready for indoor winter sensory play?

This Rescue the Bears activity will not disappoint. It has been on repeat for days with my three-year-old. He’s obsessed with the sensory play, and I am obsessed with watching him explore.

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indoor winter sensory play

Now, you know these counting bears are my ultimate favorite. You have seen Bring Home the Bears, Rainbow Bear Prewriting, and Bear Soup.

These counting bears have been on repeat since the start of my teaching days. (That’s saying they have been on the Most Popular List since 2001) - How about that for longevity?

So the question is, What’s next for these bears?

Freeze them of course!

The counting bears must be frozen.


What’s inside this winter sensory bin?

The key players are these counting bears. Once frozen, they become a fun rescue mission for your preschooler. Freeze them in a muffin tin, and now they all have their own little pods to be rescued from.

Set up your winter sensory bin today:

  • Place a small amount of counting bears into each circle of a muffin tin.

  • Add water.

  • Freeze over night.

  • The following day, pop the circles out of your muffin tin.

  • Add the circles of ice to your under the bed storage bin.

  • Add colored WARM water.

  • Optional: salt

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What’s going on behind the scenes?

Why is this winter sensory bin so good for development?

I love referring to the book, Loose Parts to help explain the importance of movement.

“When we know how things move, we can predict what caused the movement and what we can do to control it. When we control the way things move, we restore a sense of order to chaos that is caused by unpredictable and random movement.” Loose Parts

Moving the ice, water, and counting bears around the sensory bin will help your child explore gravity, motion, and problem solving. They will also be able to begin to discover the transition of solid to liquid and what makes the ice melt. (the salt and warm water helps)

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Want to extend the exploration of movement?

Use items and ideas such as:

When will you freeze your counting bears?

Get started today!

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