PDF for Alphabet Cards - Pinch me. They Have Arrived!

PDF for Alphabet Cards - Pinch me. They Have Arrived!

Inside: Kindergarten Readiness Alphabet Activity Cards that will entertain your toddler and preschooler all while learning essential skills through hands-on activities. 

You asked for them! And here they are. The PDF version of our Alphabet Activity Cards. 

Subscribers, you are the first to know! 

That means that you, Australia, and other places around the world can finally get their hands on the Alphabet Activity Cards without outrageous shipping costs. I am THRILLED ABOUT THIS.  

So what came first? The chicken or the egg?

The PRINTED Alphabet Activity Cards were launched in November 2017 and were sent directly to our print shop.

I had no idea I would have weekly emails in my inbox asking for a PDF version! 

So back to the drawing board, to recreate The PDF Alphabet Activity Cards link for you to download. A couple trips to the coffee shop later, they have arrived. 

kindergarten readiness activities

Want to be more involved with your children, yet don't have time to use Pinterest or Google ideas?

Imagine all of your favorite activities for kids in one place.  

A place that is right at your fingertips for instant ideas. 

As a former Kindergarten teacher, I've made a variety of simple, easy to use Alphabet Activity Cards to use as your best bag of tricks for ages 2.5+.

And guess what? They also align with the skills your child will need to be familiar with upon entering Kindergarten.

These Alphabet Activity Cards are different than the Breakfast Invitation Cards. This set offers more movement and gross motor activities for kids ages 2.5+. The Alphabet Activity Cards have 50+ activities. 

Kindergarten Readiness Activities

What Are Alphabet Activity Cards?

  • A quick reference for activities for kids ages 2.5 and up.

  • An easy way to integrate learning into playtime.

  • A quick resource for moms to understand what will be taught in Kindergarten in an age-appropriate ways. This is not to master, but to expose your children to vocabulary and key concepts now.

kindergarten readiness activities

The Front: an engaging photo, plus letter and learning topic.

The Back: Two Activities, plus the WHY you are doing the activities.

kindergarten readiness activities

Take a look at some of the topics covered:

Let's allow our preschoolers to EXPLORE different learning styles and teach the whole child.

  • Inquiry

  • Questioning

  • Art

  • Kindness

  • Balance

  • Fine Motor

  • Movement

  • STEM


  • Plus many more! 50+ activities for ages 2.5+

PDF of the Alphabet Activity Cards for you to go paperless or print on your own. 

Kindergarten readiness activities.jpg

Start Today! 

Alphabet Activity Cards will provide your children with background knowledge they need so you both can walk into that Kindergarten classroom just a little more confident. 



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