7 Tips for Your Kitchen Renovation with Kids

7 Tips for Your Kitchen Renovation with Kids

Inside: The best tips for home renovations with kids.

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I have 3 children, 5 and under, and I recently finished remodeling our kitchen.

That’s right!

For 6 weeks, we cooked dinner on a hot plate and ate breakfast in the playroom. The main floor pretty much looked like a college dorm room.

And guess what?

I am still alive to blog about it. - Yahoo!!!

As we were in the thick of things, I jotted down what worked, and how I can share these tips with you. This wasn’t a blog post I had planned on adding to the collection, but knew I needed to share once we were finished.

Renovations can be chaotic and messy, and I am here to help you prepare.

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1. Find someone you love to work with.

I am not saying you have to hire out. But what I am saying is to use someone that will stick with a timeline and is also efficient.

Perhaps this is your husband, dad, or friend? If it is, great!

For us, we needed to hire out and make sure we hired the right person for our chaotic household.

I met with only a couple designers. From there, I made my final decision and moved forward with ease and trust that she had our kitchen renovation under control.

This kitchen renovation may be a lot longer if you are using someone that doesn’t have a solid game plan from the get go. Go with who you think will be able to execute your kitchen renovation best.

Keep in mind

You may have other workers entering your home when you are not there. You want to hire a contractor that will have trustworthy help. You want to know that you can not only trust your main designer, but also the painter, cabinet and appliance installer as well.

Here in Atlanta, I used Showpiece Kitchen and Bath. Mary Jo, from Showpiece Kitchen and Bath, did an incredible job looking at my dream photos for inspiration and helping me make it a reality. She has a beautiful design and strategic execution plan.

kitchen renovation with kids

2. Leave your house.

I wish I could take credit for this plan, but it actually fell right into my lap.

I had been working with our kitchen designer for some time and it just so happened that my in-laws invited us out of town during the second week of demo.

This was perfect timing for our kitchen renovation.

As we were away, cabinets got installed, and floors were refinished. - All without little people running in and out of the kitchen. Seems like the more we said, don’t go in the kitchen, the more they had to get in there. #shouldhaveknownbetter

Did you also know that you cannot walk on floors 3-4 days after finishing? Being out of the house for this was key.

By the time we returned, the main pieces of the puzzle were completed and the kids were finally allowed to walk back in without danger.

3. Find essentials that will keep your cooking streamline to your habits.

I do not use a microwave. (gasp, I know this is not the norm) So I knew that I didn’t want to spend money on purchasing one. I wanted to carry on as normal without changing my routine.

We also have a peanut allergy in the house so eating out for the next couple weeks was not an option.

We created a game plan to eat at home.

I knew there are plenty of tools available to continue carrying on how we typically prepare food.

My essentials were stove top, toaster that would also heat frozen food, and a way to heat water.

You can find most of these kitchen items on:

  • Facebook selling groups

  • Craigslist

  • Amazon

  • Neighbors that also went through a kitchen renovation

Below are Amazon Affiliate Links to what we used and love.

4. Ask if you can keep the fridge in the kitchen.

We redid some of our floors, and had weeks where kids were not allowed to be in the kitchen. Since we were away for one of them, this was completely manageable.

Quick tip: Make sure anyone that moves your fridge also levels your fridge in the new location.

Since the fridge remained in the kitchen area, it was easier for me to set up a cooking zone in the dining room.

5. Use Tape.

We also used tape to mark the table, or anything else we were looking at placing in the kitchen. This was a great way to gauge sizing.


6. Clear out a room, and add your kitchen table.

You know our mornings run on Breakfast Invitations.

I needed a parking place where they could sit down and still remember that things are moving right along, just like normal.

kitchen table in dining room.jpg

Only one problem. It was far from normal.

Which leads me right into TIP NUMBER SEVEN….

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7. Let it go.

Okay Elsa, and incredibly talented writers, for Disney. We hear you. I am 98% sure that “Let it Go” was written as a secret message to us parents.

Let. It. Go.

Let it go that crumbs are now on your playroom carpet.

Let it go that the toys surrounding your children are distracting them from your Breakfast Invitation.

Let it go that you are washing dishes in the bathroom sink with lukewarm water.

In the end, you have a new chapter to dive into with your family. We are all much happier in our new space and looking back I recall maybe 2% of what may have felt like 110% of a problem then.

Now, who wants to see the kitchen?

I am sure some are here for the tips, and others want to peek inside. Don’t blame you, I would do the same…

PHOTO CREDIT: Anna Rumiantseva

kitchen renovations with kids
kitchen renovations with kids
Kitchen renovations with kids
kitchen renovation with kids
kitchen renovations with kids

Quick links to what’s inside:

Tile: Walker-Zanger

Counters: White Quartz

Faucet: Kohlet Tournant®

Stove: KitchenAid commercial style oven

Refrigerator: Kitchenaid Counter-depth refrigerator

Sink: Farmhouse Sink

Cabinets: Color Moonstone

Rug: I found one similar at the outlet, here is what is in stock now

Kitchen Island: French Bistro Black Kitchen Island

Side wooden table: Home Goods

Vent Hood: Zephyr

Ceiling Light: Home Depot

Who’s ready to take on their next renovation?

Home renovations with kids. The best tips for home renovations before and after, kitchen renovations, and interior renovations with kids #kitchenremodel #kitchen #homerenovation #interiorrenovation #momlife

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