Sticker Sort for Size - A Fun Breakfast Invitation

Sticker Sort for Size - A Fun Breakfast Invitation

Inside: Math Breakfast Invitation for sorting by size.

I know you have them. 

Deeeeeeppp in those drawers, stuffed under the construction paper lurks dozens of old stickers you haven't yet used.

Some sticker sheets are half torn, and others barely touched. All will work for this math Breakfast Invitation to sort by size. 

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math breakfast invitation sort by size

Start talking about sorting by size now. 


Because the big idea is that in Kindergarten children will be asked to directly compare two objects with a measurable attribute in common.

Now, let's scale down what "measurable attribute" means for your preschooler. 

What this is saying is to add comparisons such as small/large to their vocabulary now. It is as simple as comparing two different sizes of stickers!  

math breakfast invitation to sort by size

Another significant Kindergarten benchmark is to be able to classify and sort by alike attributes. 

When we think about sorting, we typically think about color. Put all the reds here. and the blues here. We can forget that it also means to sort by attributes such as size, weight, and even texture

Sorting by these attributes is something we can introduce to our preschoolers! 

math breakfast invitation sorting by size

Now, you know how we roll. Breakfast Invitations take less than 6 minutes to set up.

You know this is true because you have watched us on Instagram Stories! You are not spending hours upon hours printing, laminating, and gluing. The only time I could pull that off was in my single years. 


Here's how to set up this Math Breakfast Invitation for Sorting by Size: 

  • Roll out your white paper roll. 
  • Tape down a large piece with masking or painter's tape.
  • Dig into your sticker bin. 
  • Select stickers that are obviously small or large. For this first attempt, keep it simple. We can build this up for the next one. 
  • Cut the small and large stickers and place them around your paper. 
  • Draw two circles. Label the small one small and the large circle large. 

That's all! The next day, give your preschoolers a couple minutes to explore what they think they need to do. 

The intention of this sorting Breakfast Invitation is to place the large stickers on the large circle and the small stickers on the small circle. 

Removing the stickers from the backing will also strengthen fine motor muscles. See related fine motor activities here. 


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How fast will your preschooler catch on? 

Probably pretty fast. Preschoolers are natural sorters and love to classify. 

How long will your preschooler stay focused

This depends on how consistent you have Breakfast Invitations and activities set up for your preschooler. If it is your first one give yourself (and them) a HUGE pat on the back for sorting 5. You are one step closer to a calmer morning. 

You know why?

Because 5 will eventually lead to 10, then 15, then who knows.

The best part of Breakfast Invitations is that your preschooler is in control of their learning with meaningful materials to expand thinking and creativity.  What a powerful way to begin your day. 

You can get started today! 

preschool sorting game for Breakfast Invitation.jpg
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