For Fine Motor Development Sensory Play

For Fine Motor Development Sensory Play

Inside: Neon squirt sensory play for fine motor development. 

If there is one thing we know, it's water play! 

Water play is hands down, my saving grace to motherhood.

It gives my three and four-year-old time to explore transporting, measuring, and pouring as I wash the dishes after breakfast. I know, how exciting, right? #momlife

When we are not working on Breakfast Invitations, you can find us ankle deep in ice. So after almost 44 days of summer and water play fun, we've spiced things up. 

Move over primary colors, we've found NEON! 

fine motor sensory play

For starters, sensory play such as this help my boys learn how to collaborate and work together. 

You can learn more about how we redirect arguments here, and our essentials for setting up here. 

Now here is a little tip for preschool activities. 

Use what you have. 

Can you believe it is that simple? Sure, we need a couple things here and there to get started such as neon food coloring, squirt bottles, and a storage bin. But after that, the world is your oyster. Find it. Use it. 

In this case, I knew I had a bag of cotton balls that have been sitting on the shelf for the last two years. - no joke. I also knew that cotton balls absorb water, so it was a no-brainer the second they were staring back at me. 

Remember, buy the essentials, use what you have for the rest. 

fine motor sensory play

The essentials for Neon Squirt; Fine Motor Sensory Play: 

What is great about this sensory bin wish list is that you will be able to use them again and again. There is something about a squirt bottle and water that just never gets old. 

We use these squirt bottles for color mixing,  squirt the number, and splash the alphabet.  - All super fun games that you can set up in minutes!

sensory play for fine motor

The SUPER SIMPLE setup: 

By now, my boys pretty much take the lead on setting up their sensory bin. 

  1. We add 5 drops of food coloring into each container.

  2. Fill the remaining with water.

  3. Cap, and shake.

I tossed in a couple cotton balls for absorption observations and off they went! They were STOKED about their new neon food coloring. 

What's best about water play is that it is so open-ended.

There is no definitive start or finish and it leaves plenty of room for investigation. You can even ask simple open-ended questions to extend their thinking:

  • "What happened when you mixed the neon red with the neon yellow?"

  • "How is the clear squirt bottle different than the colored ones?"

  • "When we add ice, what happens to the different colors? Are there any changes?"

When will you neon squirt and explore?

Fine motor sensory play (1).jpg

Will you get started today?

Let us know! Tag us on Instagram, save from our Pinterest Board, or send us an email! We love seeing what you are up to. 

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