Noodle Sensory Play

Noodle Sensory Play

Inside: Noodles sensory play for toddlers. A quick and easy way to add color to your sensory bin allowing your child to discover new textures.

Last week we added noodles into our sensory play.

If you follow us on Instagram, you saw that the noodles we used were cooked, squishy, and a whole lot of messy, sensory play fun!

The boys pressed the noodles through the garlic press and sliced them through the egg cutter.

Although this cooked noodle sensory play was win, it was pretty much one and done. The cooked, colored noodles were tossed in the garbage shortly after the boys were finished.

So this time around, I was looking for something a little more sustainable for future use.

This time, we colored dry noodles and it was just as successful!

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noodle sensory play

I measure sensory play success on the play to cleanup ratio.

Here, the play outdid the cleanup by a landslide.

My newly turned two-year-old scooped and poured his little heart out to gain a better understanding of capacity and mass.

My two-year-old was also exploring:

His expression when the noodles would spill over was priceless! As the dry noodles toppled out, you could hear them clang together. It was a calming sound that begins to explore how vibrations create sounds.

When it was time to cleanup, we simply gathered them in our hands and placed the noodles in the storage container for future use.

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noodle sensory play

In the middle of coloring the noodles, something happened.

As I shook the different colors in each bag I realized that I didn’t add enough food coloring to each plastic bag. Oh no!

Guess what?

I also didn’t have any more food coloring to add.

Cue mom guilt: Okay, when my two-year-old wakes, we will run out and get some more to add.

Cue reality: Kids do not need perfection. In fact, they rarely even ask for it. Not perfect? Roll with it.

Noodles with a touch of color and/or noodles that are perfectly colored work just fine when you are two. In fact, they also work for other ages as well.

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noodle sensory play

Set up noodle sensory play in minutes!

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One of my favorite books that helps me better understand how loose parts, such as dried noodles, help my children learn is Loose Parts Two. This is a great resource to add to your collection if you are curious how to integrate everyday objects into play.

I also turned to A Crafty Living to help with how to color the noodles. See her directions here.

noodle sensory play

Prepping the noodles:

  • Divide noodles into different plastic bags, or use a storage container.

  • Add a couple drops of food coloring.

  • Add a small amount of rubbing alcohol. - optional

  • Shake each bag.

  • Put the colored noodles on a baking pan.

  • Cook for a couple minutes on low heat. I did seven minutes at 300 degrees.

  • Allow noodles to cool.

  • Get ready for some fun!

Supplies you need for noodle play:

What else is added in the sensory bin?

You will have to see our collection in our outdoor supply bin. It is a fun mix of items around the house along with a handful of Dollar Store and Amazon supplies.

noodle sensory play

Does the coloring stain hands?

For us, it did typically does not.

However, it is not 100% foolproof. I do occasionally see discoloration on the kids hands that can be washed off. You can look for less toxic food coloring online, or purchase the pasta already colored found in the grocery store. Whichever you use will sure to be a success.

When will you set up noodle sensory play for your toddler?

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