Breakfast Invitation for fall

Breakfast Invitation for fall

Inside: one-to-one correspondence activity for kids and fall. 

How many apple activities are too many? 

I'd say you can never have enough. Show me September on the calendar and it's just about all I can think about. (Well, it's that and anticipation of cute sweatshirts from Athleta.) On Instagram HelloWonderful, Busy Toddler, Little Ones Learn, Happy Tot Shelf and I have teamed up for a fabulous apple week!  

I also like to keep Breakfast Invitations setup quick and easy. Here, I grabbed our collection of dot stickers to make apples. I also know that my three-year-old can use some help with one-to-one correspondence so this was a great place to start. 

one-to-one correspondence activity for fall

Here's WHY this game is so valuable. 

There is a difference between counting and understanding what the numbers stand for.

COUNTING is one of the first concepts to master. You will notice that your preschooler can count fairly early on and that counting has to do with memorization. 


QUANTITY is the concept of understanding how many. 

It may also include concepts such as more than, bigger than, less than, and same as. 

By Kindergarten, children will be asked to understand that each successive number name refers to a quantity that is one larger.

This visual allows your preschooler to touch the objects as they count and add one more.

We wrote the total amounts at the end of this Breakfast Invitation. 

one-to-one correspondence activity for fall

Wait, can my three-year-old count to 14 and draw a perfectly straight line as he counts? 

No and a bigger NO. 

Which is exactly why this Breakfast Invitation is perfect for him. It even made a much better one on one activity that we came back to once his older brother left for school. 

Since I was able to sit with my three-year-old, I was also able to get some inside scoop on how he thinks.

The picture below will appear to the naked eye as a gigantic mess. 

But behind the scenes is this was my three-year-old practicing holding his marker steady, and exploring some creative freedom with adding dead ends.

He thought it was hysterical to find loops and changes in the path. And guess what? He is three. This is what three-year-olds do. Let's not expect mastery, but exposure. Here, I was exposing him to: 

All of the skills above will slowly build on top of one another to see growth. Allow a little flexibility and listen to how they think. 

one-to-one correspondence

The super simple supply list: 

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Setting up this game was a breeze! 

  • Zig zag a row of dot stickers. 
  • Add stems and a leaf. 
  • Write the number on each apple. 
  • Invite your preschooler to connect the dots

Take this game a step further and prompt thinking: 

  • "How old are you? Can you find it on your Apple Dot-to-Dot? Show me."
  • "Let's move our finger from one all the way to the last sticker. We can count together."
  • "Wow, this group has 9 apples and the green group has 12. Which number is larger?" - Your preschooler may or may not know this answer, but it will begin to put the vocabulary in their memory bank. 
one-to-one correspondence activity for fall

Set this up today and watch it unfold! 

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