Baby Block Box Breakfast Invitation

Baby Block Box Breakfast Invitation

Inside: Ideas for one-year-old indoor learning activities

Okay, here we go!

A Baby in a Box Breakfast Invitation.

Wait, what? A Breakfast Invitation? What is that? READ HERE.

If you are over there nodding your head like, “Yes!, Yes! I need this! Give me all the baby Breakfast Invitations!”, You are going to LOVE this.

Providing your one-year-old (this includes all babies under two) a border may just buy you a little more time. I say may, because they are under two. They just learned to walk. Chances are, they don’t want to sit still. - and they shouldn’t.

But sometimes, mom needs a minute and Baby Block Box will do the trick.

one-year-old indoor learning activities

Now, the truth is that up until this point, a banana has been my baby Breakfast Invitation.

But now, I need to either wake up before my 17 month old, OR have a little something new to distract, excite, and motivate him.

Will I set up Baby Breakfast Invitations every day?

Probably not. But from time to time, I will need something for him to explore as I heat my tea.

one-year-old indoor learning activities

Now, it’s not the first time we put our one-year-old inside the sensory learning box, rather than outside of it.


  • For starters, my one-year-old will almost always hop in anyway.

  • If water or messy play is involved, you can always add a swim diaper.

  • Allowing your one-year-old to work inside the learning box provides a border. It will give them a starting place that they should buy you a couple minutes as you prepare breakfast.

Supplies and Set Up:

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Foam Blocks or Lacing Beads - Both work well.

What is my one-year-old doing?

When I placed my one-year-old into the learning bin, I had a small stack of blocks for him to explore. I watched him continue to stack by taking a block from the basket and adding it to the top of the stack.

And oh the excitement when the blocks came crashing down! That’s exploration of cause and effect.

When I can see my 17 month old growing tired of the stacking and about to exit the learning bin, I took the basked and dumped the blocks inside.

Next, my one-year-old explored transporting the blocks from the learning bin into the basket. .

Here, your one-year-old is also working on: 

  • Fine motor grip  

  • Repetition which serves as building blocks to learning and establishes play patterns 

  • Movement

  • Prediction 

  • Hand-eye coordination

  • Transporting - mathematical and language concepts as they investigate space and weight

  • Empty vs. Full

Making this indoor learning bin for my one-year-old was so simple!

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