How to Teach Your Phone Number

How to Teach Your Phone Number

Inside: Phone number practice ideas for kids

Want to teach your phone number?

Start with this simple and fun phone number activity!

I know the importance of my preschoolers knowing my phone number, and yet I continued to put it off.

Perhaps I was intimidated by the fact they would have to memorize a sequence of numbers, or if I felt like they weren’t ready. I am not sure why I was hesitant to start.

But you know what?

It literally took this introduction, plus a followup simple tactic to make it stick in a matter of days.

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phone number activities

Now let’s be real.

If this was my Amazon Prime account number that needed to be memorized, he would have it down in 4 minutes. No wait. Make that 2.5 minutes.

My preschooler could handle memorizing my phone number just as well.

I took a second to think about what helps my children learn. And then it came to me!

If they build it, it will stick.

If they touch it, they will remember it.

Bring on the Unifix Cubes. - Which by the way have SO much teaching power when it comes to understanding quantity.

phone number activities

Let’s make this phone number activity in 2 minutes!

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Materials Used:

Set-up Today

  • Lay down your white paper roll.

  • Write your phone number, just like it is said.

  • Use dashes.

  • Include your area code. Better to learn it all at once rather than have to backpedal this later.

  • Invite your children to begin to build their phone number.

    Conversation Starter:

    “This is mom’s phone number. See it here? It is read like this: 123 (pause) 456 (pause) 7899. Can you make my phone number?”

Phone number activities

Something hidden here is the practice of quantity.

Quantity is understanding the number name and relating that name to an actual number of objects.

By Kindergarten, you child will be asked to understand that the last number name said tells the number of objects counted. The number of objects is the same regardless of their arrangement or the order in which they were counted.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

It really isn’t.

As adults we understand this and it seems like something that is obvious. 8 means 8 objects. But to a child, 8 may mean after 7, before 9.

There is a difference between counting, and quantity.

…and that needs to be practiced again and again.

You can do this by:

  • touching objects as you count each one

  • counting out snacks as they enter the bowl

  • counting fingers and toes remembering to touch each one as you count

Of course, memorizing a telephone number has little to do with quantity. But if you can practice a way for your child to build each number, there is a better chance of getting it to stick.

After we finished this Breakfast Invitation, we put each number on a sticky note. I then hung it on the fridge and in my five-year-old’s room to continue saying aloud.

When will you teach your child your phone number?

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