Bears on a Ladder - Prepositional Words to Expand Vocabulary

Bears on a Ladder - Prepositional Words to Expand Vocabulary

Inside: two-year-old introduction to positional words

Up, down, over, under, inside, outside.

These are all important terms to help expand your two-year-olds vocabulary and thinking.

And you know, these counting bears are LIFE.

This hands on learning game is the perfect way to get your child thinking and learning by doing! - the winning combination.

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positional words for two year olds

Positional words are words to show placement and direction.

Use positional words throughout the day:

  • In daily conversations - “Let’s go inside the tub now to take a bath.”

  • In one-step directions - “Put the bear ON the ladder”

  • In two-step directions - “Put the bear ON the ladder and then move him UP the ladder.”

You also know that we a huge fan of these counting bears. You have seen them in Bear Soup, Bring Home the Bears, and lots more HERE!

Simply put, these counting bears are the bomb. They are a helpful manipulative for preschool learning.

*The counting bears we used have a suggested age of 3+. Please read the box and make your own decision about using the counting bears before playing.

positional words for two-year-olds

Simple positional play is fun!

This toddler activity took seconds to set up, and allowed two of my sons to expand their imagination.

Basically, as I stood near my two-year-old, he moved the bears up and down the ladder and onto the tree.

As he did this, I would reinforce by saying:

Oh, I see! Your red bear is going UP the tree!

Does the blue bear want to come DOWN the ladder and join his friends?

How can the yellow bear get ON TOP of the tree?

positional words activity

Before I knew it, my four-year-old had joined, and I watched him creating color patterns up the ladder.

You know what?

I didn’t suggest making a pattern. This was something my four-year-old decided to do on his own, since we’ve taken the time to plant the seeds with our weekday Breakfast Invitations.

Essentially, my four-year-old took what he has been introduced to and applied it to his independent play.

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prepositional words preschool

Independent play can sometimes use a little prompt like this to get started!

Eventually, the bears were on top of the tree having a party, and imaginary play was in full force! - It reminded me of Go, Dog, Go!

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Let’s get setup!

This prepositional play game is quick and easy.

Come get set up and join the fun!

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