How to Encourage Block Play With Your Preschooler

How to Encourage Block Play With Your Preschooler

Inside: Preschool block play and preschool block center ideas for Breakfast Invitations

I am going to ask you to go do something right now. 

 Go around and gather every block you have floating around your home. 

Any color. 

Any size.

Any shape.

Add them to a basket, and get ready to have some fun. 

preschool block play

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WHY Block Play?

For starters, using block play in your Breakfast Invitations are a great way to cue up Process of Investigation.

"When children engage in investigations, they are involved in asking probing questions, collecting data, analyzing information and finding meaningful answers to their original questions. This reflective process helps them make connections and understand the connections between previous knowledge and new experiences and ideas" (Loose Parts)

Your preschooler can do all this as YOU sip your hot coffee! 

Just be sure to listen along as your preschooler investigates block play. You may hear some incredible things about how they process information. 

preschool block play


The quick set up:

  • Tape down a large piece of white paper onto your tabletop. 
  • Gather a large basket of blocks. 
  • Write "How Tall?" on your white paper. 
  • Sit back. Sip your morning beverage. Watch your preschooler investigate. 

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Introduce the Activity, Then Watch What Happens

I especially love setting this preschool block play investigation up for Breakfast Invitations! 

Simply read the question "How Tall?" and watch what your preschooler does next. 

Does your preschooler stack the blocks? 

- Yes? Begin to share the word tall and when it means. 

Does your preschooler look at you puzzled? 

- Brainstorm things that are "tall". Give examples that your preschooler will visually recognize. 

Does your preschooler refuse the block play? 

- Stop. Do not force the action and come back later on that day or the next. Just keep everything set up and allow them to linger back when ready. 

Once your preschooler begins, watch him carefully stack each block until they tumble down. The excitement of "just how many will make it topple over" is delightful! 

preschool block play

Don't put your block collection away yet! 

An additional block play activity is coming into your inbox on Wednesday at 7 am. 

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