Googly Eyes Count Up

Googly Eyes Count Up

Inside: Preschool counting activities for kids. Hands-on learning using googly eyes.

Grab the googly eyes from the Dollar Store. It’s time to get counting!

Lately googly eyes have been following me everywhere.

I found them calling my name at Office Depot, and then again at Dollar Tree.

Well, googly eyes, I see you. I want you. You are now set up for a Breakfast Invitation on my kitchen table.

Apparently this is how marketing works. Welp, they found their target audience and now I am here to pass on the love.

This googly eye preschool counting game is a hit!

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preschool counting activities

Googly eyes seem to have this magical effect on learning.

They are super silly like this hot lava game.

They are fun to count like this domino match up game.

And who doesn’t love a six eyed monster? My newly four-year-old was eager to count and get started as soon as this Breakfast Invitation was presented to him.

To be frank, googly eyes are the bomb, and you can incorporate them in a jiffy.

preschool counting activities

Behind the scenes of this preschool counting activity is actually a big deal.

For starters, the grasping of the googly eyes is helping strengthen small hand muscles. This will ultimately lead to stronger handwriting, cutting, and tying shoes later in life. Read all about the stages of pencil grip here.

Next, this counting game is helping your preschooler understand how to use glue. Don’t think using glue is important? You will after reading this from my friend at Busy Toddler.

This preschool counting game is also helping your preschooler understand number sense.

In fact, by Kindergarten, children learning under the Kindergarten Common Core will be asked when counting objects, say the number names in the standard order, pairing each object with one and only one number name and each number name with one and only one object.

This seems simple, but can often get confused by young learners.

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preschool counting activity

Let’s set this counting game up!


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  • After taping down my white paper roll, I use Google Images for some monster inspo.

  • Once I feel like I have an idea how kid monsters look, I draw about four on the white paper.

  • Finally, I add a simple number above each monster.

  • My preschooler’s job is to glue the correct amount of googly eyes on each monster.

preschool counting activities

Have an older child?

Try to add simple addition problems for each group of monster eyes! Your Kindergartener will love this variation!

preschool counting activities

It’s time to give this counting activity a try!

Preschool counting activities

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